Key Issues for Fans Travelling to EURO 2012

09 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

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Everyone knows that Football Championship EURO 2012 is getting closer and closer with every single minute. It is one of the global events, in which a great number of people from all over the world participate. Thus, this huge event is expected to be very grand and exciting. However, on the other hand, the presence of big number of fans will definitely cause many problems and difficulties. Such events are the best time for pickpockets, thieves and other rogues. So, while being at EURO 2012 fans should be extremely careful as it is much easier to get in trouble than on a simple holiday trip. So, this key travel advice will be very useful to you if you intend to be at Euro 2012.

What to bring with you to EURO 2012

Travel Guide Ukraine

Passport. The most important ingredient of every trip is the document that identifies your personality. But remember to take great care of it, as a lost or stolen passport will completely ruin your trip.

Money. You can go nowhere without it. If you are going to buy souvenirs consider decent amount of money because such things more expensive than everything else. As for food, it doesn’t cost much in Ukraine as well as in Poland. Certainly, it depends on the city you go. Thus, food and drinks cost more in big cities and capitals (Kyiv, Warsaw). For example, in Kyiv and Warsaw you can buy pizza for an average of $10; as for coke it is an average of $1-$2 in Ukraine and $2-$3 in Poland.

Clothes. June is promising to bring good weather to Ukraine and Poland. So, remember to bring light clothes for daytime and a light jacket for evening in case of windy weather. Bring your umbrella as well. Although the weather in Ukraine and Poland is not the same as in London; you can be caught in the rain sometimes.

Travel Guide Poland

Footwear. Our advice is to get comfortable shoes to be able to move quickly and easily.

Mosquitoes spray. It depends on the place where you go but don’t forget to have some protection (gel, spray etc.) against mosquitoes as they can spoil your enjoyment, especially if you are allergic to mosquito bites.

Travel Guide. The Travel Guides are produced by the Football Supporters Federation and to help tourists to orient themselves and find the correct way in order not to get lost. It will also help to find the right hotel, petrol station, and restaurant and will give practical advice/tips. You will need travel guide particularly in case when you using a car to reach the destination. In the event that you are going to Ukraine, make sure to prepare your car for Ukrainian roads as they are pretty complex and worn-down. Try to be very careful while driving as you could face heavy penalties for breaking the laws which might be very different to those at home.

Problems You Might Face at EURO 2012

Public Transportation. You might face the problem while using public transportation in Ukraine as it has no certain timetable and you may get into a traffic jam. So, plan to stay close to the stadium. It is easier with public transportation in Poland as it is well-organized. In case you need taxi, in Ukraine it is around 25 UAH for entry and between 2,50 UAH and 3 UAH per kilometer; in Poland it costs around 7 PLN for entry and between 1,50 PLN and 2,80 PLN per kilometer.

Crowded Streets

Crowded Streets. As the population of Ukraine and Poland will be doubled during the Euro-2012, remember that the risk of getting robbed is doubled as well. So, make sure to keep all your valuable things (money, passport, cell-phone etc.) in a safe place. To get advices on how to keep your things safe on a trip you could read our article How to not get robbed while travelling.

No “in a last minute”. It refers to all trips planned. Don’t plan your trip at the last minute because you will be stressed and nervous. It will be especially difficult to book hotels in the last week before Euro-2012. Besides, having little time for preparation you could forget to pack necessary things, for instance your passport, tickets etc. In any case, preparing in advance is always recommended.

Drunkenness. It is clear that football goes along with beer. However, be careful with being very drunk in unknown places and with unfamiliar people. Who knows what they have on their mind? Thus, in order to not get in trouble and have fun, try to think of what you do and with whom. If you travel with friends, stay together.

What Travel Insurance policy to get for EURO 2012

According to Globelink International, the best travel insurance cover for Football Championship EURO 2012 is Single Trip, Comprehensive Policy because it has the option for Event Cancellation. It is very beneficial for such kind of event as it covers you for unused event tickets. Besides, you can add extra cover for valuables in case you take your camera, electronics and so on. The policy is not expensive and will help to give you peace of mind.

With this travel insurance cover you will stay safe and will enjoy your vacation!

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