Stay out of Trouble While Driving Abroad

24 Oct 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Avoid getting into a jam while driving abroad

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has partnered with the AA to advise British nationals to do their research before hitting the road.Thousands of people will be embarking upon a driving holiday each year, either by car or motor home. The FCO and The AA have created a checklist with useful advice for British motorists intending on driving abroad, to ensure that they understand the road conditions, driving standards and the local laws and customs before they set off. Here are some of the essential tips to consider before you buckle up:

  • Read up on the driving rules and regulations of the country you're travelling through
  • Ensure your motor insurance policy covers you while abroad and take out European Breakdown Cover
  • Carry the correct compulsory equipment

Check the following information for full advice and tips to ensure you and your family have a safe and smooth road trip abroad:

  • ‘For a smoother drive abroad’ сreative checklist that includes tips, advice and quirky country specific driving facts.

Driving safe checklist

Make sure you choose the right travel insurance among various policy options and read its wording carefully to be prepared for any misfortune.

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