Common Factors that Void Travel Insurance Claims

31 May 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Whether you are a first time traveller or a jet setter, having travel insurance is essential. Insurance provides you with vital coverage for unforeseen events that can cost thousands, like accidents, or injury and also theft or loss of your belongings. However, in certain circumstances your insurance may be invalidated by your actions, or your insurance claim may not be admissible. Knowing what can seriously affect and void travel insurance claims can help you stay covered.

Health Insurance Claim

Undeclared Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

When purchasing travel insurance, you will be asked about any health conditions you or your travel companions have. Failure to disclose existing medical conditions can invalidate a medical claim on your travel insurance. You must also ensure that you are not travelling against the advice of your doctor, or that of any other medical professional treating you. Travel insurance is intended to cover unexpected injury and spontaneous medical issues and will not usually cover any pre-existing or preventable medical conditions unless these are covered as standard by your chosen policy, or have been specifically declared and accepted by your travel insurance company.

Our Globelink Policy covers over 50 pre-existing medical conditions as standard with no extra premium.

Undertaking Dangerous Sports and Activities

Normally, travel insurance policies do not include coverage for extreme sports and activities as standard. Cover may be available for an additional premium for activities like paragliding, heli-skiing, sky diving and many other activities. So, be sure to find out exactly what you are covered for before you partake in any hazardous activities and risk an accident that you may not be covered for. Hospital treatment can easily run into thousands of pounds – so the additional premium is worth it.

Globelink Policy covers over 120 adventure activities with no extra cost and you can get cover for more adventurous pursuits with a reasonable additional premium.

Excessive Alcohol or Drug Intake

Injury or accident arising as a result of excessive alcohol or drug intake will not be covered by travel insurance. Always drink responsibly when travelling and do not use any prohibited drugs, or medication unless prescribed by a physician.

Travel Requirements

Failure to Provide Proper Documentation

It is the traveller’s responsibility to have all the necessary documents that are required for the trip. Any delay or missed trips that occur as a result of lack of appropriate documentation may void your travel insurance. Always check what the travel and visa requirements are before you travel and give yourself plenty of time to arrange whatever you need.

Visiting Volatile Destinations

Travel insurance will not be valid if you are travelling to an area where the World Health Organisation or the Foreign Commonwealth Office have advised against travel. Travelling to destinations which these organisations have advised against will make your travel insurance invalid.

Business Insurance Claims


Some Travel insurance policies are designed to cover leisure holidays, not working. If you intentd to work, make sure your policy covers you and ensure you know the terms and conditions. Globelink policies do cover you for business trips and working abroad, so check our website for more details.

Illegal or Reckless Behaviour

Any claim made that arises from illegal, fraudulent or dishonest actions will not be covered by travel insurance. Similarly, claims arising as a result of reckless behaviour such as the unauthorised use of swimming pools or going to restricted locations are also not covered by travel insurance. Travellers must abide by all relevant rules and regulations during travel.

Read your policy wording and know what is covered and excluded before you travel; these are not the only scenarios that could invalidate your insurance claim. Be well prepared and have a safe trip!

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