Top 8 Time Saving Tips for Your Holiday Trip

02 Dec 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Time is especially precious when you are travelling. Tedious flights, long lines and hectic crowds all this keep you away from your real holiday. But don’t get discouraged, there are ways to avoid these little annoyances and save more time for your vacation.

1. Pack In Advance

Pack Light

Even if you don’t know exactly when your trip starts, keep your bag packed. Even if the departure dates change drastically, you can repack your luggage with fresh clothing and essentials. It may seem a bit excessive, but it will save you a lot of precious time right before your journey starts. Last day packing has a tendency to turn into a long hasty process.

2. Less is More

You may not think so when you’re in the process of packing - grabbing all of the things you thing you might need, but in the end the less you pack, the better. The lighter your bag, the easier it is for you to getting around your travel destination. You will thank yourself for not having to haul much weight around.

3. Travel Only With a Carry-On

Travel Suitcase

This sounds impossible, but time, money and headache you will save by opting for a carry-on only is worth the effort. You will avoid all the luggage routine at the airport and will eliminate the possibility of your luggage getting lost. If you can manage, pack only what will fit in your carry-on bag. You will be amazed to know how much change it will make to your journey and will thank yourself later.

4. Book Direct Flights

While booking the cheapest flight may save you money, booking a direct flight will definitely save you a lot of time and headache. Additionally, booking direct flights can help you avoid overnight stays, thus saving your hotel, car and meal expenses. Just remember to do some research to know your alternatives and choose the best option for both your itinerary and wallet.

5. Choose the Right Seat

Plane Seats

Try to book seats as near to the front of the plane as possible. You may even check your seat assignment online and make changes if any seats further to the front become available. This way you will be able to hop off the plane as soon as possible and avoid crowding travellers in the aisles.

6. Use Regional Airports

The big hubs with more flight choices are usually the obvious choice for us. However, flying out of a smaller airport will save you much time and hassle. Traffic, parking, security lines and check in process are all quicker and easier at regional airports.

7. Park Smart

Park Smart

Parking Hassle is one of the biggest headaches and time wasters of travellers. Try to book your parking online and in advance whenever possible. This will help you avoid long lines and even save some money. Try to park in the same lot or write the location of your vehicle to avoid the search operation when you get back. Valet parking which is usually the priciest parking option can often help you save you those precious minutes that may become the difference between missing or catching the flight.

8. Get Travel Cover

If anything unexpected and unpleasant happens to you on your vacation, you may find yourself in for even more unpleasant consequences. Medical bills for injuries and illnesses you might get abroad may cost a fortune and cancelled flight might lead to a disastrous change of plans. All of this trouble will inevitably take lots of your precious time, unless you take out a proper travel insurance policy. You may choose one depending on your needs, destinations, trip duration and other crucial factors. A cover tailored for you won’t let you waste your time, money and sanity that you will need for new travel experiences.

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