Top Student Travel Destinations in 2013

13 Jan 2013 by Olga Brighton

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As a student, you already know a thing or two about what's hot and what's great value. You know when and where to go, and how to save money getting there. Sometimes you even earn some money while you're there ;-). Still, as we go into 2013, we thought you might like a bit of extra inspiration to help you choose your travel destinations. Here are five criteria for choosing student travel.

Budget Deals

student travel

Ironic, isn't it? As a student, you are a natural travel-addict. But travel costs money - and money's something you don't have a lot of... because, hey, you're a student. But you don't let a little thing like that get in your way. That's why you're forever searching out the best deals and discounts. You know how to have more fun than people who pay a fortune, and maybe even how to travel there for free. Couchsurfing? Volunteering? EYP? Aegee? They're just a few of the ways you can save money while stretching your horizons. Berlin beyond the budget? Paris beyond the pale? Who cares, when you can get to sample some of Europe's cheapest cities for travelling. Destinations such as Bucharest, Sofia, Krakow, Skopje and Sarajevo are great places to explore and your money will stretch much further.

Where's the party?

If you're the type of person who always has to be on the move, party cities were made for you. If you're looking for the hottest atsmophere and the ultimate vibe, you won't rest until you've tried out some of these nightclubs:

Party and nightclubs
  • Pacha in Ibiza,
  • Ministry of London in London,
  • XS and Marque in Las Vegas,
  • LIV in Miami,
  • Sortie in Istanbul

These places have it all: vast dance floors, excellent sound and lighting systems and unique design. That's why the top international DJs make a beeline to them and music for all tastes. What more could you ask for?

Festival following

Yes, we know you study hard. But when you're not slaving over a hot deadline, you're socializing - and who can blame you? There's no better time to have a great time and make friends than right now when you're a student. If you want to scale up your social life, why not follow the crowds and hit some of the top international festivals? Try Munich and its famous Oktoberfest, New Orleans for Mardi Gras or Berlin, with its International Film Festival. Raring to go already? Check out our top winter festivals for 2013.

Following Modern Trends

students' trends

Students are often the first to pick up on trends and set new ones - and not just on Twitter ;-) That's true when it comes to choosing travel destinations, too. There are places that are always favourites for exploring, of course - like France, US, Spain, Germany or Italy. But other countries are also pretty trendy at the moment, such as Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, the UAE and the Malay kingdoms. Their appeal couldn't be more different - from great street food, exotic islands, unspoilt landscapes or even the tallest skyscrapers.


Your student days are probably the most romantic times of your life. No, really: it's true! Think about it; when are you most likely to fall for someone? When you're young, sociable and mixing with people who are young and sociable like you. When you have classes until 3 p.m. and then the whole of the next day off. When you can party until 4 without having to revise for your exam until the day after tomorrow. So if you're in love (lucky you!), what are the best places to head for a smoochy trip for two?

cities to try

Try these:

  • Venice and Rome (Italy)
  • Paris (France),
  • Amsterdam (the Netherlands),
  • Barcelona (Spain),
  • New Orleans and New York (the USA);

Each of these cities is special, with unique opportunities for loved-up couples. Splurging on a gondola and champagne, strolling the Colisseum hand in hand, or finding the perfect little Montmartre cafe for croissants and chocolate, going gaga over Gaudi's architecture or drinking in the Broadway or Bourbon vibes....

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