TOP Travel SECRETS Revealed!

24 May 2012 by Olga Brighton

Travel Information

Here is a list of Top Travel Secrets. Some of them are surprising. Some of them are unbelievable. But they work out in 99 cases out of 100. Start learning and surprising!

#1. Discount coupons are not fake things to attract customers. They work well for all online shopping as well as serving to attract you. So, look out for them when planning your trip!

Cemetery travel secret

#2. It sounds weird but one of the most exciting ways to learn about a city is to explore its cemeteries. It tells you a lot about the history, shows architecture, and illustrates customs and culture.

#3. In case you postpone the trip several times saying that some urgent business forced you, forget about that trip - you don’t want to go on this trip. Change your plans.

#4. The best way to choose a travel destination is go to sleep thinking about it – during the night you will see the place you want to visit in your dreams.

#5. When friends invite you to visit a place you don’t feel like visiting, don’t follow them. Do just as you feel. Go to the City of your Dream. Don’t be afraid to travel alone. Nowadays it’s easy to find couch to sleep, people to party with.

#6. There is much advice on how to keep your passport and copy of it safe: they say put it in your shoe, put it in your bra and so on and so forth. All this is good but there is much simpler decision: why not to scan it and save it on your e-mail; or take a shot of it and carry it with your camera. Then you don’t need to worry of where to put your copy and will feel comfortable!

#7. Airlines often offer airfare sales on Friday night. However, it is the worst time to buy tickets because everybody else is buying them as well. To save money, try to book tickets on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Airlines sales on Friday night

#8. The cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. According to the flight statistics shopping on Wednesday is the best time to buy airline tickets. Also, Tuesday and Saturday are okay.

#9. Don’t use online booking agents. They don’t show all discount deals. Go straight to the airport websites.

#10. Don’t believe that if somebody’s luggage got lost it will not happen to you one day because you are very careful. Sometimes this doesn’t depend on you. Airlines have lost 48 pieces of luggage. Over 12.000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports each week.

#11. Airlines do not tell you a lot of things! Watch this video to learn some useful shocking facts.

#12. The most advantageous websites to book hotels with affordable prices are the following: in the U.S. -; in Europe -; in Asia and Indonesia -; in Australia and New Zealand -

#13. To stay in your desired hotel even if an administrator says there are no empty rooms, the thing you should do is to call the hotel on the morning of the day when you want to arrive. There will be available rooms made available by people who have just cancelled their reservations.

Bicycle touring around the city

#14. Car is not the only vehicle to tour around the city – bicycle is much healthier, fresher and saver.

#15. The smaller your backpack is, there is less probability you will get robbed.

#16. Laundry on a trip costs much less in comparison to the money you would pay for a checked-in bag with many airlines. So, you’d better of with a carry-on bag!

#17. Don’t be safe, be dangerous! “Dangerous” means here the following: walk confidently with a confident look.

If you have your own Travel Secrets, please, share your ideas with us in comments below.

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