Ultimate Christmas Security & Travel Guide

15 Dec 2016 by Olga Brighton

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and with millions of us away over the holidays, read Globelink’s Chistmas security & travel guide to enjoy a stress free festive season.

Making a list and checking it twice!

Make your travel check list, gather all your travel documents and check it as many times as it takes to ensure you are good to go well before the day you travel.

Driving home for Christmas? (….or flying)

Driving home for Xmas

Plan your route well in advance and check that nothing will scupper your well laid plans, like scheduled closures, maintenance work, or even strikes that may prevent a smooth journey.

Baby its cold outside!

Seems obvious, but check the weather at your destination in advance and pack accordingly. UK temperatures have varied between minus 5 and 17 degrees this month, so you simply never know!

Bring us some figgy pudding?

Your Christmas pudding may be a firm family favorite, but check that you are permitted to carry whatever item you plan to take if you travelling by plane, or crossing country borders.

Don’t go crackers

Airport restricted items

Even though crackers are a firm Christmas favorite, many airlines will not allow Christmas crackers in your luggage. Also you cannot take party poppers, fireworks or sparklers.

Christmas baggage blues

Nothing will dampen your Christmas cheer like an exorbitant excess baggage charge at the airport so check your allowance and weigh luggage before leaving home. Also avoid pre-wrapping presents in case you’re selected for a security check.

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Home alone?

Avoid worrying about your home security on Christmas while you’re away by taking a few straightforward steps to minimise the risk of a break-in, leaving you to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and your travels.

1. Start by cancelling any regular deliveries, and arrange for the post office to hold your mail when you’re away. This will avoid a fortnight of newspapers in the doorway, or a bulging mailbox which is a sure sign that nobody’s home.

2. Be discreet when discussing travel plans where other people may overhear. Be especially careful on social media and avoid recording details on your voicemail or answerphone.

3. Don’t close curtains or blinds in an attempt to make your home look less tempting. It’s likely to do the opposite. Instead, move any desirables (car keys, for instance) out of sight, and fit timer switches on light and radios. It’s not rocket science but it will deter casual observers and opportunists.

Xmas house decorations

4. If you can, leave a key with a neighbour or friend, who can clear away tell-tale post, perhaps open and close curtains and even park their car in your drive. Your neighbours could be invaluable in spotting suspicious behaviour in your absence.

5. With identity theft on the rise, keep copies of all important documents in a safe accessible place. Also avoid burst pipes by setting your heating to automatically come on for short time periods, or if temperatures drop dramatically. Also insulate any exposed outside pipes. And finally, why not take snapshots of special value items, preferably in their normal surroundings; it could be useful evidence for your insurance company if you are unlucky enough to have a problem.

Lastly have a wonderful Christmas from all at Globelink and don’t forget a decent travel insurance policy for extra peace of mind.

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