7 Proven Ways to Get Sick While Travelling in Winter

22 Nov 2016 by Olga Brighton

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As the excitement of winter holidays is on its way and we have already started packing our bags for the upcoming ski resort adventures, late November is a good time to think about protecting ourselves from the seasonal colds and flus lurking just around the corner and hoping to ruin all the fun. That is why you should take a look through these 7 proven ways to get sick while travelling in winter – and make sure you avoid them.

Miss a lot of sleep

Immune System Illness

Lack of sleep will make you more prone to illness and infections. Quality sleep gives our day a fresh start and keeps our spirits high. Doctors say that moods affect our immune system too. So if you missed out on sleep and feel low, then you are even more likely to get ill during your trip.

Don’t pack your medications

It’s a sure way of raising your chances of having a medical problem! Always pack medication you may need and spares if you have them. Local pharmacies might present language barriers, availability and different formulas for seemingly simple medicines, so it may make it tricky to buy something that suits you. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a first-aid kit you’ve brought from home. If you already have a health condition, make sure you carry your medication in your hand luggage. Obtain suitable Travel Insurance, ensure that you have followed the pre-existing medical declaration terms and know how to undergo pre-existing medical conditions screening.

Skip hand sanitisers

It is obvious, that no one washes and sanitises their hands every time they touch something new, however it can really help you beat possible infections if you don’t skip carrying a hand sanitiser. So make sure you put a couple of good sanitizers in your luggage, especially if you are traveling with kids. But don’t worry too much –it’s impossible to keep super sterile clean all day long.

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Rely on your immune system

If you already don’t feel well before travelling, don’t rely on your immune system to get you well again. Check with your doctor as quickly as possible so you don’t let the infection spread or ruin your trip.

Don’t keep warm

Dress Warmly

Just because you don’t dress warmly when you are home, because you never feel cold, the situation may not be the same when you are traveling in winter. Lower levels of sunlight may impact negatively on your immune system due to altered levels of melatonin and serotonin. Its also a good idea to wear a hat as we lose up to 40% of our body heat through our heads.

Ignore weather forecast

Viruses survive much longer when the weather is warm and moist. Always check weather forecast in advance on the whole period of your upcoming trip to make sure you are prepared for all weathers.

Don’t move or move too much

Regular activity will increase the number of natural killer cells in your blood and they will fight a virus which might affect your immune system. So stay active, however, research also shows that too much exercise can actually lower the levels of natural killer cells. So know your limits and don’t overdo it. To obtain Winter Sports Travel Insurance.

Stay sound and have a great trip!

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