The Real Price of Hospital Beds Abroad

12 Apr 2016 by Olga Brighton

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The most expensive hospital beds in the world can cost more than a night in a 5-Star hotel, and that’s before any extras. Singapore is among the most expensive, along with the USA and Hong Kong. In the Netherlands and Germany, an overnight stay will cost you twice as much as a night in a 5-Star hotel.

Travel insurance can provide cover for emergency medical costs and expenses, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy and it will cost you a fraction of the price. Most travel insurance policies provide a 24-hour multi-lingual medical assistance helpline that will be on hand to help you in the event that you fall ill or have an accident while you are abroad.

Medical Expenses

It’s a common misconception that travel insurance is a waste of money; why would you pay for insurance when you could use that money for your holiday? Well, when the average cost of a medical expenses claim on a travel insurance policy was £1,022 in 2015* and when you can buy a policy to protect you for less than you might pay for one night in a hotel, the real question is why would you travel without it?


Hospital bed per night*

Hotel room per night**

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*data supplied by /
**based on a one night stay in a 5-Star hotel between 4th-5th June 2016 in the country’s capital. Information based on prices found on
***based on a Globelink Economy Travel insurance Policy quotation (July 2019) for one adult travelling up to 17 days aged between 18-64yrs.

On the Travel Insurance policy options page you can find out more about our affordable European and Worldwide travel covers that provide £10 million of medical expenses cover as standard. Or call +44 (0) 1353 699082 and speak to our travel insurance customer service team and travel with the peace of mind that you are covered.

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