How to Undergo Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Screening

12 Jan 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Travellers who might have some pre-existing medical conditions must bear in mind that they may need to declare them once they've decided to obtain a travel insurance policy.

If you ignore this requirement and fall ill during your trip abroad, you may find that you are not covered. Even if your condition is minor, it's always best to check it's covered or declare it.

Pre-existing medical conditions screening will not take long and your travel insurer will have an opportunity to provide you with the most appropriate cover.

What is travel insurance pre-existing medical condition screening? Read on to see if this affects you.

1. What is pre-existing medical conditions screening?

Travel insurance medical screening questions

Pre-existing medical conditions screening is a list of simple multiple choice questions which are made to determine the severity of your condition. Although some of the questions might seem personal, you must remember that your answers will remain absolutely confidential. Do you best to answer all questions as accurately as possible as it is important for providing you with the most suitable coverage.

2. What kind of medical screening questions will I be asked?

Before starting the pre-existing medical conditions screening you will be given a medical declaration with the type of medical conditions you need to declare. According to your current or past pre-existing medical conditions, there might be questions about the number of medications you take, whether you have been admitted to hospital or when you were first diagnosed.

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3. Do I have to declare ALL my pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, all of your pre-existing medical conditions must be declared if you want to avoid mishaps with your travel insurance policy. Of course you can choose a standard policy which does not include coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, but in that case do not expect to be covered if you fall ill abroad. To obtain a suitable travel insurance cover you have to declare all of you conditions, no matter how seemingly minor they are. Another important point is that some travel insurers might not be able to offer cover depending on the result of your medical declaration. So make sure you include all the details to avoid any unpleasant situations during your trip.

4. Will my medical condition affect the cost of my travel insurance?

Medical screening travel insurance

Note that while some medical conditions can be covered for no extra charge, others will affect the premium. The total cost of your travel insurance will be based on the severity of your conditions and you will be notified if any additional premium is required. Insurance companies will weigh the risk of you requiring medical treatment during your vacation, or needing to cancel your holiday due to illness and in case your condition becomes unstable. It could unfortunately affect the cost of your travel insurance cover – but this could save you thousands in medical bills if you have a problem while away.

Having appropriate travel insurance cover is vital no matter how far or for how long you are away. And pre-existing medical conditions screening will help you obtain the coverage which suits you best, otherwise you might be left with some hefty bills if you fall ill abroad. That extra charge for covering your medical conditions may seem too high, but it will be a fraction of the cost of any private medical treatment abroad.

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