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Ultimate List of Android Travel Apps

09 May 2012 by Anna Staford

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Our life moves quickly and so does the progress of technology. Many spheres of our life are being improved. Nowadays the market grows so fast that it is difficult to keep up with new developments. To help international travelers make their trips less stressful and more pleasant, a huge number of different applications have been created covering various traveling aspects like weather, car routes, airlines tickets etc. So, let us help you to prepare for your trip by presenting you a list of Android travel apps.

First of all, let us introduce the Combined Mobile Apps for Travelling.

Where (free, Average rating - 4,3; number of rates - 48754)

Using your location the Where app will help you with what to do and where to go. It gives you real-time information on gas, weather forecast, movie showtimes, restaurants, bars, cafés, recommendations, news headlines, traffic conditions and so on. In addition, this app provides lots of information about the proposed travel destination, including information about tours, fine dining, resorts, and a wide range of entertainment.

Where App

NAVIGON Europe ($80; Average rating - 3,7; number of rates - 2865)

This app will be all for you from your speed assistant, search engine to restaurant and hotel guide. It has 2D and 3D map displays that provide the best GPS navigation for Europe. However it’s not free.

Navigon app

In case you don’t need all the options these applications offer or you need ones they do not cover here is a collection of separate applications divided into sections. So, here is the list of the Separate Travel Apps.


a) The Weather Channel (free; Average rating - 4,1; number of rates - 219 387)

It provides you with current weather of the place where you are, 10 Day Forecast, Map Layers, 36 Hour Updates. Pros: It has perfect abbreviated format. Cons: Too sensitive on Motion Gestures.

Weather Channel

b) WeatherBug (free; Average rating - 4,2; number of rates - 112 350)

Get the latest current conditions, forecast, weather alerts, radar etc. WeatherBug for Android brings the most accurate, reliable and timely weather information directly to your Android smartphone in REAL TIME. Pros: You can view weather cams and some have the ability to rotate. Cons: There is no option to control the frequency of the temperature notifications. You could also buy WeatherBug Elite to get more advanced location-based weather information.


c) iMap Weather (free; Average rating - 3,8; number of rates - 3 007)

It provides the following: looping radar, lightning strikes, current conditions, forecasts. Pros: It shows your location and other including international. It has auto map scroll on your location. Cons: It has limited map layers.

iMap Weather


a) Booking.com (free, Average rating - 4,4; number of rates - 8,080)

With this application you can find nearby hotels and book safely from your Android phone. It contains over 180,000 hotels worldwide. There are no booking fees. Before making a choice you can flick through hotel photos, read guest reviews.


b) Hotels.com (free; Average rating - 4,2; number of rates - 6,455)

This application offers over 140,000 hotels worldwide. It is available in more than 34 languages in more than 70 countries. The Hotels.com app gives users quick access to more than 25,000 last minute deals. You could search for hotels close to where you are as well as searching using an interactive map.


c) Priceline Hotel Negotiator (free; Average rating - 4,0; number of rates - 2,141)

The motto of this app is “Never pay full price for a hotel again with the Priceline Hotel Negotiator app!” It offers Bonus coupons and other deals that you could find here:

Priceline Hotel Negotiator

d) Expedia Hotels – Book a Room (free; Average rating - 4.0; number of rates - 1,083)

Expedia Hotels offers a great deal at over 130,000 hotels in 20,000 cities worldwide! It provides users with a rich interface, a filter by price, distance, hotel name, and traveler rating. The app is localized for 19 languages.

Expedia Hotels


a) Restaurant Finder (free; Average rating - 3,7; number of rates - 1,099)

With Restaurant Finder you can not only search restaurants through [My Location], [Search] but also gain easy access by registering restaurants of your interest on [My Shop].

Restaurant Finder

b) Restaurant Deals Oz (free; Average rating - 5.0; number of rates - 1)

This app automatically tracks your location and browses all current restaurant and food deals nearby. It is simple to use, you can search or sort through food deals based on personal preferences, such as: location, time of day, cuisine, and price range. It is a great option for tourists visiting Australia. It also contains specific details about each restaurant. However, as you could see this application is less popular than others, so be careful using it.

Restaurant Deals Oz

c) Groupon –Daily Deals, Coupons (free; Average rating - 4.6; number of rates - 86,905)

Groupon offers the best stuff to do, to see, to eat, and to buy in more than 500 cities around the world. This app delivers daily deals to your Android each morning, while thousands of deals on demand can be found in real-time. With the Groupon app, you can buy and redeem deals directly from your Android, find great holiday gifts, set up your own Deal Types.

Groupon –Daily Deals, Coupons

d) Urbanspoon(free; Average rating - 4,1; number of rates - 11,311)

This app can help you to decide where to eat in a very special way. Shake your phone and Urbanspoon suggests restaurants near you. It is available in the U.S., Canada, and most major cities in the UK and Australia.



a) Google Translate (free, Average rating - 4,6; number of rates - 166,253)

This app translates text from over 60 languages. There is an option for most languages that you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations. Google Translate also can translate SMS messages. In addition, this app provides a great way of communicating with the locals when you are travelling because it can translate the reply received back from into your native language.

Google Translate

b) TransZilla Translator (free; Average rating - 4,3; number of rates - 7,891)

TransZilla is a translator which uses Google Translate. So, in the similar fashion as Google Translate it supports more than 50 languages. TransZilla provides such main options: Text To Speech in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, Translator Voice input (available only in English). Other options you can find here:

TransZilla Translator

c) Real-time translator-TouchTalk (free; Average rating - 4,0; number of rates - 5,651)

This multi-lingual translator can do translation, interpretation, language, touchtalk, education, TTS (Text To Speech). So, go to try it out:

Real-time translator-TouchTalk

d) iTranslate (free; Average rating - 4,0; number of rates - 5,651)

iTranslate is a universal translator providing over 50 languages, high-quality voices, landscape mode and much more.



a) XE Currency (free; Average rating - 4,6; number of rates - 904)

This application serves to make currency conversion all over the world. It features a currency converter with up-to-the-minute currency rates, charts. XE Currency will calculate for you prices with the currency converter simultaneously monitoring up to 10 currencies. You can also use it offline because it stores the last updated rates. To reset rates shake your phone!

XE Currency

b) Currency Converter (free; Average rating - 4,4; number of rates - 2,434)

Currency converter uses OANDA Rates®, which are the same daily filtered exchange rates used by auditing firms and banks. The app converts 190+ currencies and four precious metals.

Currency Converter

c) Currency (free; Average rating – 4,3; number of rates - 747)

This app provides up-to-date exchange rate information for 128 currencies. This app is provided for over 180 countries, so you will always be able to find out the value of local money when you are on your trip.



a) KAYAK (free; Average rating - 4,3; number of rates - 21,300)

With KAYAK you can compare flights, hotels and car rental deals, track flight status, get cheap travel deals, look up baggage fees. The main advantage of the app is that the results are delivered very quickly.


b) Skyscanner(free; Average rating - 4,5; number of rates - 16,515)

Skyscanner lets you compare over 600 budget and scheduled airlines and more than 700,000 routes around the world. The app is available in 28 languages. It is very helpful, flexible and fast in use if you are extremely busy.


c) FlightTrack (free; Average rating - 4,4; number of rates - 3,361)

FlightTrack has beautiful, zoomable maps. It can provide you with a real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers. The app has full international coverage with 1,400 airlines. So, you can track all your flights worldwide. It can even update you on cancellations and help you find an alternate flight. You can get detailed flight delay forecasts to help you predict travel disruptions, view your seat in SeatGuru’s airplane seating maps. The app also provides you with weather forecast. According to Mashable this app is good for business travel.



a) Waze (free; Average rating - 4,5; number of rates - 95,892)

Waze is a navigation app that connects you to other drivers. By getting this app you will become a part of the local driving community in your area. You will get live community-contributed traffic information and road reports. It provides you with real-time road monitoring and automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change. It helps you with reports on road accidents, police traps, and any other hazards along the way.


b) Google maps (free; Average rating - 4,4; number of rates - 1,646,838)

Google maps app is voice-guided GPS navigation system. With this app you don' need to carry a paper map. You can find everything with Google maps and get recommendations for any place.

Google maps

c) Street View on Google Maps (free; Average rating - 4,1; number of rates - 204,900)

You can use Street View on Google Maps to view street-level imagery from your phone. It is simple in use. You just need to move around by dragging "Pegman" where you want to go.

Street View on Google Maps

d) INRIX Traffic (free; Average rating - 3,6; number of rates - 1,587)

This app shows you traffic forecasting and comparative traffic. It helps you not to stuck in traffic because it lets you know the best time to leave based on predicted traffic conditions.

INRIX Traffic


a) Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl) (free; Average rating – 4,3; number of rates – 3794)

This app is a photo and album organizer with file browser. It is packed with a variety of options. It lets you share, crop, rotate, move pictures, add notes to your albums and photos. It also contains wallpaper editor, locker to hide and protect your pictures and videos. Learn about other functions by clicking the picture below.

Photo Gallery

b) PicSay - Photo Editor (free; Average rating – 4,5; number of rates – 75679)

PicSay contains many extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface.


c) Photo Effects (free; Average rating – 3,6; number of rates – 3141)

Photo Effects app contains more than 40 amazing effects (e.g. Holga, Lomo, Fisheye, Thermal etc.). So, you can challenge your art abilities with this app.

Photo Effects


a) Tripit (free, Average rating – 4,4; number of rates - 12370)

When it comes to planning out your trip and putting together an itinerary. Tripit makes flight and accommodation booking easy and cheap. When you are planning your trip you can send the arrangements your Tripit online account and keep tracking you itineraries regardless of whether you are online or offline. The app gives you maps and directions based on your itinerary. In addition, it provides the information about hotels, airports, restaurants and so on.


b) Wikitude (free; Average rating – 4,1; number of rates - 8938)

Wikitude is a global travel guide that gives you information on your surroundings. It matches your position in relation to the landmarks you point the camera toward. This app is a great tourist guide and history expert.


c) Traveler by FlightStats (free; Average rating - 4,3; number of rates - 221)

This application has global coverage with features that include flight tracking, saving trip details, global airport and airline information, local weather conditions. Thus, it provides quick access to flight, airport and airline status for business and leisure travelers. You can create and save complete itinerary (flights, hotels, cars etc.), find airport address, current time and time zone, save your favorite airports for fast reference.

Traveler by FlightStats


a) Locale (free; Average rating - 3,9; number of rates - 3459)

Locale is a smart app that would change your phone to a silent mode if you are at the office or put the ringer up when you are at home. It adjusts our phone’s settings depending on your location. It automatically turns off power-hungry components when your battery is low.

Locale app

b) Google Docs (free; Average rating – 4,1; number of rates - 28424)

With Google Docs you can download, view, edit, and share online documents and PDF files. Also, you can convert photos of printed text to a Google document.

Google Docs app

c) Google Voice (free; Average rating – 4,3; number of rates – 867491)

If you are planning a trip to the U.S. this app will be really helpful. You can make cheap international calls with your Google number, send free text messages, and use voicemail. There is no need to buy a new number wasting extra money.

Google Voice

d) Cab4me (free; Average rating – 4,1; number of rates - 1849)

This app helps when you are in a rush. You can order a cab using your current location and select how many passengers you need to travel with.


e) Bump (free; Average rating – 4,0; number of rates - 62908)

Forget an old variant of business cards. Bump let you swap contact information or photos just by bumping phones together. Also you can share app recommendations.


Do not trail behind! Whether you walk, drive, or fly, there is always a great app for your phone that can help you get around faster and travel more efficiently. Globelink International is always ready to help you to make your trip safe.

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