Where in the World Is It Safe for Brits to Travel in 2017?

13 Apr 2017 by Olga Brighton

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There are many recent events at home and abroad that have threatened our safety and security, each incident acting as a reminder that we live in tempestuous times. The recent spate of terror attacks have left many of us wondering where in the world is it safe to go on holiday in 2017? In truth, the only certainty is that nowhere is risk free. However, the travel risks that we face should be taken very seriously and you can make an informed choice about your next destination by knowing the latest official travel advice. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website is a great place to start.

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If you are travelling in 2017, make sure you research your preferred location before you book. Also invest in a decent travel insurance policy that will meet your travel needs. If you buy your insurance as soon as you book your holiday, you will benefit right away for any Cancellation cover on the polcy if a serious unforeseen event prevents you from taking your trip. If you’re already thinking about your next holiday, here are some currently safe travel destinations to visit, however always check the FCO website before you make your final decision.



Famous for its dramatic scenery and the Northern Lights, this Nordic island has a population of only 330,000. The small population and sparse density provides for a safer, uncrowded travel experience. Geographically and volcanically very active, Iceland offers a unique natural setting. One thing to watch out for is its natural conditions and weather are notoriously unpredictable and conditions change with little notice. Iceland is a friendly country with very low crime rates and is definitely a must for the adventurous traveller looking to visit a premium European destination.

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“The Land of Music”, Austria stands strong as one of the safest and most beautiful countries in Europe. With mountain villages, alpine trails and baroque architecture, there is lots to see in this quaint country. Cities including Vienna, are recognized for their cleanliness and safety. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, Austria is always a great destination option, offering a plethora of interests for nature and history lovers.


Denmark trip

Denmark stakes claim to a population of some of the friendliest and most open-minded people in the world. Danes enjoy and appreciate a high standard of living, placing special importance on the value of education, health care, prosperity, human development and civil freedom. Denmark is often ranked as one of the happiest places in the world, which also leads to a low crime rate and hence a high safety standard for travellers. With its compact, avant-garde capital city – Copenhagen, Denmark is rich in history, nature and values. Take advantage and sample some of the most delicious pastries the world has ever known: the coveted Danish.

North America:

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for its gorgeous beaches and marine life. This archipelago is home to the Andros Barrier Reef, where holidaymakers can snorkel or scuba dive to their hearts’ content. Visits to this country are relatively trouble-free.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a bio-diverse country rich in dense jungles, deserted white-sand beaches, crater lakes, and stunning waterfalls. There is a low threat of terrorism in this country, and around 80,000 Britons have visited the country last year. One thing that you need to watch out for is dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases. For this, you need to get all necessary vaccinations and travel insurance that will cover medical emergencies.



Bhutan has a low threat of terrorism and there were no cases from the Consulate of British nationals requiring assistance in the country. Bhutan is a beautiful Himalayan kingdom, with a traditional Buddhist culture. It has great trekking destinations, well-guarded customs and traditions, and colourful temples.


Japan trip

Japan is a dream destination among western travellers. Japan is a very safe country to visit, with a fascinating juxtaposition of ancient and modern living. The culture is so far removed from anything that we have ever known, and it is this uniqueness that keeps us deeply interested in what the country has to offer. There is a low threat of terrorism in this country, and the only things to watch out for are natural disasters and tropical cyclones, which come at certain times of the year. Approximately 270,000 Brits travelled to Japan in 2016.

South Pacific:


Fiji is a beautiful island in the heart of the South Pacific. Because of its remoteness, there is no real threat of terrorism here. The island is a well-established tourist destination, so all its attractions, beaches, and resorts are directed towards the ultimate tourist experience. About 20,000 Brits visited the island every year.The UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office uses three travel advisory levels and colour-codes maps of each location, where applicable, for easy reference. Red refers to ‘advise against all travel to the country’, orange refers to ‘advise against all but essential travel’ or ‘advise against travel to certain parts of the country’, and green means it is relatively safe to visit. 

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