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Ecotourism: 6 Places to Enjoy the Nature

15 December 2016

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Are you tired of city fuss, noise and fog? Then there is a simple way out for you: try ecotourism for your next holiday. Apart from enjoying the pristine nature and learning something fascinating about flora and fauna of different places, you will get an opportunity to be responsible for the world of nature around you. If you like what you are reading, follow this list of the best places which remain beautiful and unspoiled for thousands of years.

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Its no surprise that when speaking of Norway we think of the Norwegian Fjords. Their isolated location and strictly followed environmental regulations mean that thye have preserved the snowcapped mountains, stunning waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes the way they were centuries ago. Once you are there, think of activity that suits your personality the best. Those looking for gentler entertainment can go hiking or take a boat ride through scenic towering fjords. But if you are an extremist get on your bike and go explore the rugged terrain.


indiaOn the southwest of India there is a small state often called “God’s Own Country”. The tiny Kerala is famous for clean sandy beaches and lush virgin forests. You are unlikely to find more unspoiled place around the whole country. The unique flora and fauna of Kerala charms with their diversity: more than 10,000 plants species along with mountain goats and elephants freely roaming beside the Lake Periyar. Although in the past the excessive deforestation have caused major problems for the state’s ecosystem, nowadays its forests are protected, and tourists officials encourage responsible travelling to this beautiful place.


kenyaWide savannas with lions and elephants attract millions of tourists annually. But less of them are aware of Kenya’s mountains, lakes, rain forests, deserts and beaches with their own wildlife and ecosystem. Do not hesitate to attend one of the 50 national parks and reserves across the country to enjoy the rainforests and wild animals of the most famous tourists’ destinations. If you decide to visit Kenya’s pristine coastline, you are welcome to go diving along incredible coral reefs or to take a walk along the beach just to treat yourself to the beautiful view.


Amazon rainforest is also referred to as a storehouse of natural resources with more than 20% of the oxygen produced every year. It is a home of hundreds of species of animals, reptiles, birds, plants and has become one of the best travel destinations for the lovers of nature beauty. The tropical forest covers a huge area and is full of natural wealth. So after coming back from this journey you are sure to feel refreshed, inspired and ready to work.


Located in New South Wales, Blue Mountain region has become a very popular among environmentalists. It is declared as a heritage area and it remains highly recommended as an ecotourism destination. Apart from rich culture and history to explore in this beautiful place, you will definitely love observing the nature with its unbelievable waterfalls, fairly deep valley and prehistoric jungle scenery.


alaskaThere is no way we can ignore Alaska in the list of these eco-friendly tourist destinations. Stunning views of the glaciers, wildlife, various routes with incredible views, cycling, hiking, exploring 100,000 glaciers entirely covering the landscape, boating along the scenic coastline as well as just enjoying national and city parks… All these activities must sound perfect once you are after ecotourism. Even if Alaskan winter landscapes are not number one in your list, make sure you will give a chance to them in future. Because this place will definitely make your holiday unforgettable.

The power of eco-friendly travel transforms people in a very positive way. When executed mindfully, and with the minimum impact, it inspires cultural awareness, tolerance, and commitment to environmental responsibility. If this is what you need, Globelink International wishes you good luck and the most exciting emotions on your holiday!

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