Best Hiking Trails in Greenland

04 Feb 2016 by Olga Brighton

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Hiking in Greenland may as well be the best activity you can do while exploring the country. Greenland is considered a final frontier, where everything is untouched and nature is still largely unspoiled. It boasts of robust and wide backcountry which can knock you off your feet with its steep trails and majestic scenery.

Greenlanders take pride embracing the outdoors, building their homes in places where there is nothing but the quiet and pristine call of the wild. The most popular place to be for hikers and adventurers is the expansive island of Polar Route Greenland.

Greenland travel

As signs of global warming are already occurring around the country, it makes sense to start visiting this isolated place now, to explore its mile-thick glaciers, wildlife - like reindeer and musks, and deeply carved narrow inlets seen only in Norway and Greenland.

Whether you wish to take advantage of Greenland hiking tours or prefer to travel with a small group, follow this list of amazing hiking trails in Greenland for a better, safer and unique experience.

Polar Route

Beginning at Kangerlussuaq, hikers can trek ten miles up going to Kellyville. With the fields of cotton grass and porcini mushrooms, the landscape alone can take your breath away. Streams with Arctic charm, where you can view the fish as you explore. This fantastic route is where most DIY trekkers start as it is lined with markers and may be completed in around ten days.

Arctic Circle Region

Arctic Circle region

Boasting the best marked trails, this wonderful trekking destination can lead adventurers to the Greenland Ice Sheet. While it can be a long hiking trail, taking about eight to nine nights to complete, it is also the fastest way to cover the beauty of Greenland’s lakes and landforms.

South Greenland

This site takes the in the Viking trail history, taking hikers through every linked town and village. From the ruins of great Nordic farms and churches, the entire region inspires a real appreciation of the rich Viking history as well as the lush green hills and mountain tops Greenland offers.

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North Greenland

The beautiful Ilulissat Icefjord, where hikers take the trails on foot, setting camp and taking pictures of thick polar ice. This UNESCO world heritage site offers the chance to view icebergs close up and is a complete glacier experience.

East Greenland

East Greenland

This will take hikers to an alternative Greenland scenery, where the landscape is prettier and the mountains are higher. Tasiilaq is the favourite spot of most travellers as they are able to reach mountain tops and the dramatic scenes of the Valley of Flowers. It offers whale watching, kayaking and many other adventure activities as well as its stunning scenery.

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