Your Guide to Long Term Travel

05 May 2014 by Olga Brighton

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What is “long term travel” exactly? The circumstances may be rare or even exciting, but there are some travellers whose sense of adventure compels them to purchase One Way travel insurance because they have chosen not to return to the United Kingdom for a new job, a significant other, and other circumstances.

What is One-Way Insurance for Travellers?

One time insurance policy

This kind of insurance covers a trip made outbound from the UK or a return to the traveller’s original country after residing in the UK for a considerable length of time. This insurance is also suitable for individuals who plan to come back and take up residence in the UK again but are uncertain of their particular return dates.

You can always request your insurer in writing for such a one-time insurance policy, although the majority of travel insurance policies typically apply to trips or holidays that cover you until you get back to the UK. Travel insurance specifically for one-way trips has a duration period by which time the traveller should have already arrived at the final destination.

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The Particulars of the One Way Type of Insurance

The maximum cover for such an insurance usually lasts only a week from the time you leave the UK and when the timeframe ceases, so does your cover. It will be good to plan some contingency measure in case you are delayed or change your travel plans.

The insurance cover for one-way trips lapses 24 hours upon arrival at your intended location if the traveller takes less time than what has been stated as the maximum limit indicated in the policy.

The Difference of One-Way Insurance From Annual and Gap Insurance

Different tipes of travel insurance

Most travellers are not aware of the difference between the Annual travel insurance and the One Way insurance. The latter may provide cover for trips made individually over a duration period of 12 months but only if the traveller leaves and returns to the UK. Gap year travel insurance, on the other hand, covers a traveller for a single extended trip to several countries for a duration period of 12 months but only if the traveller is a resident of the UK and leaving from and returning to the UK.

Perhaps the most important purpose of a One Way travel insurance policy is to give the traveller sufficient cover for emergency evacuation, especially if the traveller is, for whatever reason, stranded in a place that is not his final destination, susceptible to political upheaval or recovering from a national calamity.

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