Compare Travel Insurance Market - 5 Quick Steps

16 Jun 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

A wise move to make before going on a trip abroad is purchasing travel insurance. And since an average traveller is no expert in the insurance market, doing a little research in order to compare travel insurance market before making a final choice is a good move. This is, in fact, much easier than it seems. Follow 5 steps below to make your decision.

1. Visit one of travel insurance comparison websites

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This may sound pretty obvious but still this is a good thing to do. All the work is done for you, so you just see the results either in a table with all pros and cons of every travel insurer or in a form of detailed and descriptive article. The websites that may be helpful with this are GoCompare,, Compare The Market and MoneySupermarket. Clearly, you don't have to take everything on trust but visiting two or three comparison sites and finding common recommendations is a good start. Pick a couple of companies that seem to be reliable before moving to the next step.

2. Search for customers’ reviews of the companies you’ve selected

Again, there are various websites that gathered this valuable information for you. They are, Review Centre, Scoot and many others. Look through the reviews to grab the main impression customers have. You can even try contacting one or two of those people to ask their true opinion. Both happy and angry customers are usually willing to share their experience with other people.

3. Visit each travel insurance site itself

Travel insurance websites

The company’s website is like its virtual face from which you can also get some judgements. If everything is clear, detailed and easy to navigate you’ll feel you want to deal with this insurer. The more information there is on the website, the higher chances are that the company doesn’t try to deceive you with hidden costs and terms. Also, if the company is open about their excess levels and states clearly what is covered and what is not, it is more likely that such company can be trusted. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to get the answers you may have missed.

4. Start making a quote to see how it works

This process should be as easy and clear as possible. Many travel insurers firstly ask just to state your travel destination, age and duration and immediately show the policies that suit you. Others demand much more initial information about you before finally getting to the point which is often annoying. The best way is seeing the suitable policies features all together thus being able to easily see what covers what and for what price.

5. Contact travel insurance customers support

Travel insurance center

Ask several questions or specify anything you are not sure about. The way the company representatives answer (if they answer at all, of course) will contribute significantly to your decision making. Professional and helpful staff that is always there to answer your initial inquiries will probably also be there if you get into any sort of trouble abroad.

Remember always to buy travel insurance policy in advance and get to know its terms and conditions before leaving. Travel safe!

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