Don't Be Caught out by Non-Disclosure

22 Apr 2013 by Olga Brighton

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Europe’s economic woes haven’t dented our appetite for travel. If anything, we’re intent on getting the most out of our much-needed getaways, and on the lookout for bargains.

There are certainly some excellent deals to be had, as operators and destinations compete for our custom. Meanwhile, more people are turning to short breaks as a way of getting a travel ‘fix’ while spreading the budget. If you’re one of them, taking out an Annual Multi Trip policy with Globelink Travel Insurance makes obvious savings sense.

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But there’s one thing you shouldn’t be economical about, and that’s what you tell your insurer regarding your medical history. Every year, a significant number of Brits head abroad with a travel policy that’s invalid even before they reach the check-in desk. They’re the people who, through naivety or misplaced guile, don’t come clean about pre-existing health facts that may affect the terms of their insurance. Every year, some of them find themselves left without adequate travel cover, as the condition they kept mum about suddenly flares up and requires medical attention. No point in hoping the insurance claims investigators won’t cotton on to the facts. They always do - that’s their job!

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Being coy about material medical details could end up costing you a great deal. Need to cut your holiday short due to ill health? There goes around £750 on average. Add the cost of medical expenses while abroad, and you could be looking at more than twice that sum, depending on where in the world you are. If your condition warrants your flying home with a medical escort, expect to run up an average bill of around £4000 in Europe - and that’s flying economy-class. As for repatriation by air ambulance from the US or Australia, typical costs run into tens of thousands.... Not the kind of holiday ‘splurge’ most people budget for.

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As of April this year, a new UK consumer law should make it harder for travellers to invalidate their travel insurance by inadvertently failing to disclose important facts relating to their health. That can only be a good thing, since it should help to cut down claims disputes. But the flip-side is that the law does expect you to fill out the online form honestly and accurately when applying for, or renewing your travel insurance. A “little white lie” could leave you without proper cover precisely when you need it most.

Non-disclosure makes even less sense when your condition might actually be eligible for automatic coverage. At Globelink Travel Insurance, our policies embrace a large number of pre-existing conditions - including diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma, provided you have no related complications. If in doubt, contact us; we’re here to help.

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