Is Asthma Classed as a Pre-Existing Condition for Travel Insurance?

14 Feb 2020 by Olga Brighton

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Asthma is a prevalent medical condition all over the world with 5.4 million people in the UK currently receiving treatment for asthma and someone every 10 seconds has a serious asthma attack, according to Asthma UK. It’s important that you declare your asthma condition to your travel insurance provider and check that you’re properly covered for this medical condition.

For the purpose of Travel Insurance Asthma Cover — asthma is considered to be a pre-existing medical condition because it impacts on your respiratory health and often involves taking medication, or using an inhaler. What’s more it’s an existing condition that may impact your wellbeing while you are travelling.Therefore you may well be required to declare it when getting a quote or purchasing your travel insurance policy. Whatever the type or level of your asthma, it’s wise to check whether you need to declare it and whether you will be covered before you finalise your insurance choice.

Travel insurance for asthma sufferers

It is advisable that you purchase a travel insurance policy that covers your asthma condition. Different weather, foods, pollens, air quality and a multitude of other variables can impact your asthma while travelling abroad. Depending on where you are travelling and the local conditions, you may be more susceptible to asthma complications and the last thing you need is a hefty medical bill to worry about on top.

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Every travel insurance policy is different, so always check what pre-existing medical conditions are covered and whether Asthma is included. Asthma is covered as standard by Globelink, providing the condition was diagnosed before the age of 50, and the person needing the travel insurance is using no more than 2 medications/inhalers and has not been admitted to hospital in the last year. If you do not fall under this category, you may need to contact the ‘Medical Screening Service’. Many Travel Insurance companies have a screening service that will take you through various questions relating to your pre-existing medical conditions so they can assess if cover can be offered, and whether any special terms will apply. Also bear in mind that even when you buy travel insurance that covers your pre-existing asthma – you must still declare any changes or deterioration in your condition. Contact your insurer as soon as you can and declare the changes and ensure you’re still covered while away.

Why you should take out the right travel insurance cover?

Asthma travel insurance cover

If you do need medical support because of your asthma, or something goes wrong when you’re abroad, then your travel insurance policy will be able to assist you. Most travel insurance policies have a 24 hr Medical Assistance Service who can help replace lost or stolen medication, inhalers, arrange medical treatment and cover the costs of any emergency medical treatment.

If you’re in any doubt over whether your condition is covered, contact the provider and ask whatever you need to so you have the reassurance of knowing you are in safe hands before you purchase! If you do suffer with asthma and you’re nervous about travelling because of it, then here are some simple tips that may help give some more peace of mind and help plan your trip:

  • Be organised and prepared for any emergencies and make sure you have everything you need from spare medication, medical advice from your doctors, the right travel insurance, and carry an action plan for sharing with others should you need to get support quickly.
  • Keep medication/inhalers in your hand luggage and with you at all times and have spares where possible. Carry the prescription too as this will help you through security.
  • Print off the 5 step asthma attack card so you can share this with others in case of emergencies.
  • Tell staff on your flight or warn them in advance so they’re aware that you might need help.
  • Consider making a list of emergency contacts or planning a dedicated travel companion that will look after you throughout your travels.
  • Stay hydrated – drink lots of water in dry places like planes where the cabin pressure can impact air circulation.
  • Think about managing your condition before your trip and get medical consultation if you’re worried it will really impact your travels and insurance.
  • Think about whether the conditions of your chosen location, or time of year will impact your asthma. Colder conditions, high pollen, altitude, or poor air quality can often affect asthma, so check your destination before you book.

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Asthma travel

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Wherever you travel always check FCDO’s travel advice to help you stay safe and travel aware.

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