The Countdown Continues. What Does BREXIT Mean for Travel Insurance?

11 Mar 2019 by Olga Brighton

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Last month we explored what Brexit could mean for travellers. Now, as the countdown continues and Brexit bedlam grips the UK, we take a look at what it could mean for your travel insurance.

Have you made travel plans for this year? Already paid for part of your trip? If you have, you might want to consider getting your travel insurance for Brexit before 29th March 2019 to avoid Brexit uncertainty.

It’s a fact that travel insurance remains one of the most popular purchases connected to travel. It’s a fact that the UK offers more travel insurance choice than any other country in the world. And it’s a fact that many travel insurance options offered by UK based companies are among the best quality and most reliable products worldwide.

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What happens after 29th March to your travel insurance choices?

The only certainty right now is that we don’t fully know.

Currently some UK based providers like Globelink can sell insurance to EU residents because of EU agreements that allow Member States the freedom to do so between members. Right now, with under 4 weeks to go, UK based travel insurance providers still don’t know whether a deal will be struck to allow them to continue selling insurance from the UK to EU citizens after 29th March.

The good news is that Globelink travel insurance products are underwritten through certain syndicates at Lloyds. The reassuring statement that Lloyds have already published about a no-deal Brexit is that Lloyd’s underwriters will continue to honour their contractual commitments, including the payment of valid claims. That’s got to be good news for our customers and anyone with a travel insurance policy underwritten through Lloyds. You can see their statement.

After 29th March, if you are an EU resident, you could find yourself with less UK based providers to choose from for your travel insurance if UK companies have their rights to sell to EU residents revoked because of a no-deal Brexit.

A lack of choice is never a good thing for consumers, so it’s worth considering buying you’re your travel insurance now or renewing your Annual Multi Trip policy before the 29th March if it’s due for renewal in the next few weeks.

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Until 29th March 2019, nothing changes and its business as usual for everyone. After that it could be all change. If you have a Travel Insurance Policy with Globelink already you do not need to take any action. Globelink policies purchased before 29th March 2019, for travel before or after Brexit will remain in place and cover will continue as per the policy contract terms at the time of sale.

We at Globelink are working with our travel insurance providers at Lloyds in order that business continues as usual after Brexit. We are making the necessary transitions to ensure that we can continue selling Globelink Insurance products to our EU customers through our website.

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If your current travel insurance policy is with another provider, you may want to check directly with them about their arrangements after Brexit.

Most concerns about travel and Brexit are around flight disruption. Although no one has a crystal ball, the risk of disruption has been reduced as the European Commission and UK Government have already agreed that UK airlines can still operate between the UK and EU and vice versa, even in a no-deal situation.

All travel insurance policies operate within their particular terms and conditions so not all insurance companies will comment categorically one way or the other whether they will cover matters specifically caused by Brexit. Cover will depend on the clauses within the policy.

Deal or No Deal over the coming weeks, you should always protect yourself with travel insurance before a trip. Brexit travel disruption could be a small part of what might happen while you are away and other unforeseen mishaps and medical emergencies could cost you much, much more.

We suggest that you keep a regular check for up to date advice on Brexit and travel on GOV.UK and ABTA.

And check with your holiday or airline providers terms and conditions before traveling.

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