What 6 Aspects Do You Need to Check Before Choosing a Policy?

16 Dec 2019 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Besides finding an inspiring destination, the right accommodation and journey options, your safety is an important aspect of your trip. That’s why travel insurance is a no-brainer. It covers emergency medical costs and a lot more besides – even your personal liability for injuries or damage you might accidentally cause to others.

Which policy you choose depends on several factors, like frequency of travel, where you are going, your overall health and more. Here are some of the essentials to know about how to choose travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Options

1. Do I travel once or twice? Or take several trips a year?

Single Trip Travel Insurance is a good choice if you travel infrequently, say once or twice a year.

More frequent travellers are better off opting for Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance. You will save on your annual travel insurance costs and once you purchased, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your cover is sorted for the whole year, regardless of the number of times you travel. However, watch out for some companies that limit the number of days you can have abroad in their small print.

If you plan to take a gap year abroad or are a long stay traveller, check out Backpacker Travel Insurance cover. It provides no frills, cost effective options for all the essentials if you are away for an extended period (several months to over a year).

2. Where do I want to travel?

Even if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you still need travel insurance and certaintainly if travelling outside of Europe. If you live in the EU, and will only travel in the EU, the EHIC gives access to some state provided medical care. But it won’t cover repatriation costs and it won’t cover your luggage replacement costs if it’s lost or stolen.

Have a Safe Travel

Be aware of geographical classifications on the insurance you choose. It’s simple if you’re travelling to Spain, or the USA, but travel companies vary on how they classify locations like Morocco or Israel – they may or may not be deemed as ‘Europe’.

3. Do I have any pre-existing medical conditions?

Depending on the nature of your medical condition and how well controlled it is, in the majority of cases you can still travel and get insurance. But its critical that you check as not declaring a medical condition could invalidate your travel insurance, so always comply with the travel insurance provider medical declaration requirements.

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4. Do I go it alone?

If you are travelling as a couple, look out for Couples Travel Insurance. It will save time and money. If you need Family Travel Insurance it’s worth searching Annual Multi-Trip options as kids sometimes go free.

5. Do I need any additional cover?

How much did your trip cost? This is important so you get the right level of cover in case you have to cancel or curtail your trip. Think about the value of your luggage, so you get the right baggage cover. You’ll be surprised how things add up.

Peace of Mind Travel

6. What if I have already travelled?

If you have forgotten to take out insurance and have already started your adventure most companies won’t cover you. However, there are a few that offer Already Travelling Travel Insurance so you can stay secure even if your holiday fun has already begun.

Wherever you travel always check the FCO’s travel advice to help you stay safe and be responsible to yourself and the people you are travelling with. Weigh up your travel insurance options carefully. It is not just another chore. It’s an investment in your safety.

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