What Changes Can You Make to Travel Insurance After Purchase?

22 Nov 2018 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

Travel insurance companies will usually allow customers to make changes to travel insurance after they have purchased, and Globelink is no exception.

Some companies can be picky about what they will allow you to change after you have made your travel insurance purchase, whereas we at Globelink will be happy to help wherever we can.

We understand that customers often buy their travel insurance as soon as they have paid their initial trip deposit and we know that sometimes changes are inevitable.

Some of the ways our customers might need to amend their policy are listed below, but if in doubt, just get in touch at globelink@globelink.co.uk, or call +44 (0) 1353 699082.

Area of travel

Travel changes

If you have an Annual Multi Trip policy that covers Europe, and you then decide to splash out on trip or two further afield, that’s fine by us. Just give us a call, or drop us an email to upgrade your policy. The same applies to Single Trip policies as long as your trip hasn’t started yet.

Extending the maximum trip length on your Annual Multi Trip policy*

If you have purchased an Annual Multi Trip policy with a maximum trip duration that no longer suits your travel plans, just chose from one of our longer trip duration policies (up to 120 days per trip for the under 65’s and up to 90 days per trip for 65-79 yrs for travel in Europe).

*We will simply charge you the difference in premium between your original policy and the new policy selected and a small administration fee.

Adding someone to the policy**

Travel insurance for family

If you have a new addition to the family that lives at the same address as you, they can easily be added to your travel policy so you can keep things simple and maintain the peace of mind that you are all covered on one policy. Kids go free on our Annual Multi Trip policies.

Also if you are grandparents travelling with your grandchildren who are covered by a Globelink Annual Multi Trip policy, they can travel with you and stay covered!

**We will simply charge you the difference in premium between your original policy and the new policy selected where applicable (kids go free on Globelink Annual policies so there’s no extra premium to pay).

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Personal details

Need your name or address altered on your policy? Or have you changed your country of residence since purchasing? That’s OK too, as long as you still live within the EU we can simply update your contact details and you’re good to go – at no extra fee.

Change in your medical condition

Changing health insurance

It’s important that you tell us about any change in your medical condition in case this impacts your insurance. Please email info@asuagroup.co.uk with the details as soon as you are aware of the change and you will be advised what to do next depending on your medical condition.

Extending your cover while you’re abroad

If you have a Single Trip policy you can usually extend your trip while you are away, as long as you contact us before your policy has expired and as long as your total period outside of your home country doesn’t exceed 18 months.

If you change your mind about cover?

If you decide that Globelink insurance does not meet with requirements you can cancel up to 14 days from the date of purchase provided that no one insured has travelled, (or in the case of Single Trip policies, cover has not already started), and no claim has been made. Simply email us and we will refund in full with no fee.

We want you to enjoy your travel with the peace of mind that we will be there to help if you need to make a change to your policy that we are able to accommodate, so feel free to contact us and ask if you have any questions.

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