Thailand Has Become Our Favourite Travel Destination

06 Nov 2014 by Olga Brighton

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Myself (Cat) and my boyfriend Nick have been to Thailand on many occasions. So far, it is our favourite holiday destination because of many reasons. It is easily accessible, cheap to fly, to stay and over all, great fun.

Koh Tao is one of our favourite islands for diving and for general relaxing. Sairee is the best resort area and offers a little bit of everything e.g. diving, good food, shopping and nightlife. A great dive school for fun diving is the Simple Life. The guys that work there are great fun, laid back and experienced.

Koh Tao places to visit

There are many diving schools in Koh Tao but the simple life are by far the best for us. Prices are generally the same in all schools give or take a few dollars. If you stay at the Simple Life resort you will get a discount at the dive school.The resort is beautiful, the staff are helpful and the location is great. Right on Sairee beach.

Everybody in Koh Tao drives a moped. There are some amazing sites to see that you would need transport to get to.We always rent our bike from Didi.Their bikes are in good condition and they are reliable. It is normal for these bike rental companies to take your passport as collateral. So be careful who you rent your bike from. Make sure to take pictures of the bike before you leave the shop and point out any scratches or marks so you will not be blamed for the marks when you bring the bike back.

Koh Tao travel

Our favourite spot in the Koh Tao is the so-called “view point”, which can be found on local maps.The bike ride there is fun and scenic. However, it can be quite steep so you may have to get a good run at the hill on your bike. If there is someone on the back, he or she may have to get off and walk a bit. When you get to the top it is worth the trip. Park up your bike and sit at the bar which overlooks the entire island, have a drink and watch the sun go down. But make sure to leave before it gets too dark as the drive back is tricky in the dark. Especially as it is down hill most of the way.

There are many other places in Thailand that we spend our time such as Koh Phangang, Bangkok, Koh Phi, Samui etc. They all have something different to offer. No matter where you go you will have an unforgettable experience.

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