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A Trip to Las Vegas

28 July 2014 by Steven

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It’s Huge, Mega, Glitzy, over the top and that’s just the hotel lobbies. A few hate it, but millions love it and even the non-believers secretly visit Las Vegas just so they can witness one of the hottest cities in the world, and a city that believes bigger is better.

The hotels (small towns) are mind-blowing even according to American standards. Don’t think you have to pay thousands to stay in one of these hotels. A reasonable 3-star hotel on the strip is relatively cheap, just check them out on a hotel booking site. I bet you'll be surprised at how little it is.

Don’t just sit in your hotel all day long although there is enough to keep you occupied. Go out and choose among the must do’s which are popping in and out of other themed hotels.

The Bellagio fountains are the best you can see in the evening, as well as the Mirage volcano and the Venetian hotel with a Venice theme, namely full-size canals and gondolas, to name but a few and all viewed whilst strolling up and down the strip. What's the best is that they're all free. And this is just the strip, don’t forget to pop down to Fremont street at night because it is another brilliant and not-to-miss-experience. A small tip here - dress normal and don’t walk off the main streets.

There was a bit thieving reported whilst we were there (warned by bus drivers) but, surely it is under control by now. Still, don’t let it stop you visiting this place. As always, just be vigilant of your surroundings as in any big city. Fremont street is a bit of a way to walk so just jump on a bus. It’s cheap and easy (bus drivers are great fun).

Las Vegas

You can search the web and video sites to see what big shows will be on when you're there. There’s always something on in most hotels, some free and some paid for and worth planning beforehand.

It's not for everyone but I love cars and went to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway which most people don’t appreciate. It's there and I can highly recommend it. Even my wife was impressed. Well, for the first 6 hours anyway. Again, check the website for what’s on.

We watched some Drag racing whilst we were there, big loud and very fast. Highly recommend it too. There is also a number of other things in and around Vegas. The Atomic Museum is a good place to visit. You can also drive to the hoover dam with plenty of time to visit and return in a day.

The Grand Canyon is a lot farther but you can get some bus tours for both the Dam & Canyon. Be warned and pick up times and the type of trip because some include lunch, others don't so check before parting with your money.

Car hire in the US is cheap if pre-booked well in advance. Pick one that includes Collision Damage Waiver (USA: No Excess), Extended Liability Protection, Vehicle License Fee, Unlimited Mileage, etc. Lots of companies to pick from just take your time to research before jumping in.

Lastly check whether your travel insurance is Worldwide ALL Countries which includes the USA.

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