We no longer offer Collision Damage Waiver Insurance. If you have previously purchased a policy with us, be assured this remains valid and unaffected until the policy expiry date.

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

  • Avoid huge car hire Excess charges
  • Save on CDW Insurance
  • Available to people aged 21 – 75 years old
Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Car hire excess insurance

We no longer offer Collision Damage Waiver Insurance. If you have previously purchased, your policy remains valid and unaffected until it’s expiry date. You can view your Policy Wording here. Please read your Policy Wording carefully to ensure that it meets with your precise requirements. View and download the relevant Policy Wording from the links below depending on the product you purchased and whether you live in the UK or elsewhere in the EU.

Car Hire Excess Wording for Policies issued to EU residents (living outside the UK)

Car Hire Excess Wording for Policies issued to UK residents (living in the UK only)

Why Collision Damage Waiver Insurance can save you a fortune?

When you hire a car, rental companies usually charge a high excess for any claims that arise from loss or damage to the rental vehicle. This excess can range from hundreds to over a thousand pounds per incident.

So if you have an accident, or the vehicle is stolen, or damaged, you have to pay the excess amount to the car hire company, even if the incident wasn’t your fault!

Most car hire companies will offer you Collision Damage Waiver Insurance, which enables you to remove or reduce the excess. This is nearly always very expensive and you will almost certainly be able to find similar cover cheaper – maybe even 60% cheaper.


With Globelink you can avoid the risk of a huge car hire excess, and the costly insurance offered by car hire companies with our great value Collision Damage Waiver Insurance.

Globelink offer Regular and Premium cover if you are aged between 21 – 75 years old. You can purchase for a single trip, or opt for an annual car hire insurance policy where you can hire as many cars as you like on your trips and have the peace of mind that your excess is covered if you have a mishap in your hire car. The policy has lots of additional benefits, like covering you for the costs of being locked out of your car and accidently putting the wrong fuel in.
You can also buy Globelink Travel Insurance for that total peace of mind on your trip.

CDW Insurance Benefits:

  • Avoid huge car hire Excess charges
  • Save on buying from Globelink instead of car hire company
  • Key Cover - if you’re locked out or lose keys
  • Mis-Fuelling cover – if you use wrong type of fuel
  • Curtailment cover – if your trips cancelled or cut short
  • Tow charge cover – after an accident or breakdown
  • Drop Off Charges – if you are hospitalised and can’t return your car
  • Even Road Rage & Carjacking Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDW insurance?

CDW insurance removes the huge car hire excess charges on rental vehicles in the event of loss or damage.

What does insurance without excess mean?

Insurance without excess means that you are buying an insurance policy that will cover you for the high excess deduction they would charge you if there is damage to the rental car.

What does CDW insurance cover?

Most importantly CDW insurance covers the high excess on your hire car vehicle. It also covers a range of other vehicle rental risks like personal accident, personal possessions, key replacement, mis-fuelling, curtailment of rental, tow charges, drop off charges, road rage & carjacking.

What is the difference between CDW and excess insurance?

CDW insurance is designed specifically for car hirers to remove or reduce car hire excess charges if the rental vehicle is damaged or stolen. Excess insurance tends to be an add-on to a travel insurance policy to cover your excess in the event of a claim.

Still have questions?

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