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Caving is an unusual and very interesting hobby for hundreds of people. They are motivated by getting completely new experiences, exploring unknown territories and contributing to the science of speleology by going where no human has ever been, mapping new discoveries, and getting to know absolutely wild territories.


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This kind of activity requires physical strength, fitness and endurance because it will be necessary to walk long and often hard distances. You should be prepared for very high humidity, cold air and complete darkness. It is essential to have special protective gear because danger can be everywhere – from sharp rocky slopes above to slippery stones beneath. Sometimes there’s a need to dive into completely black and icy cave water. You should have firm and waterproof shoes, warm and comfortable clothing, a strong helmet with a light, and protective gloves.


Caving has many advantages available for everybody. Just imagine walking underground, seeing ancient rocks, colourful ground layers, very special and unique forms of life. The sights will definitely be unforgettable.


Why do you need travel insurance for caving?

If you plan a trip that includes caving, you must take reasonable precautions. Inform the rescue centre of your itinerary and approximate return timing, take high-quality equipment and purchase decent caving travel insurance. We offer various policies that include caving and cave diving at Globelink.


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