Heli Skiing Travel Insurance

Heli-skiing is an exciting adventurous activity that is more extreme than traditional skiing. It involves ascending by a helicopter to the snow covered hill and skiing down on the off-trail surface. The main difference from other forms of skiing is that the heli-skiers do not have to climb up the hill and there is completely natural environment.


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Heli-skiers usually look for favourable and pleasurable hill slopes with a particular type of snow and preferably long descents. The presence of an aircraft and specially trained guides allow avoiding many risks and letting people enjoy natural surroundings. The most popular location for practicing this activity is in the Canadian province of British Columbia. 


Without a doubt, heli-skiing is for those looking for real adventures. Being away from crowded resorts, long lift lines and artificial conditions are what heli-skiers admire most. The snow conditions are far more superior and cannot even be compared to those on ski resorts. The wave of emotions and adrenaline overwhelm you and make every second of heli-skiing simply incredible.


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Why do you need travel insurance for heli skiing?

Still, many think of heli-skiing as of a highly risky kind of activity. Inaccurate behaviour and neglecting proper training and instruction may indeed lead to serious traumas and long period of recovery afterwards. But following the common sense rules, listening to the guide and having high quality gear helps avoiding health dangers and makes this experience entirely positive. Having good heli-skiing travel insurance is also essential and highly recommended.


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