Kickboxing Travel Insurance

Kickboxing is a well-known stand-up combat sport that involves kicking and hitting. It has developed from various different kinds of martial arts being a mixture of them. Now it is widely practised as a contact sport, for self-defence, general fitness, and health improvement training. People practices kickboxing for multiple reasons such as gaining strength and self-confidence, stress-melting training after hard working days, distraction from difficult life situations, lose weight and many others.


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Kickboxing training helps burning up to 750 calories per hour and this effect lasts several hours after your workout, the body becomes fitter, stronger and gains endurance. The training combines resistance and cardio exercises, improves body posture, increases the level of energy, decreases muscle tension and improves their flexibility. Kickboxing reduces frustration, increases determination and goal-oriented work, improves coordination and motivation. After all, punching a bag makes your stress disappear which is much cheaper than visiting a therapist. 


Why do you need travel insurance for kickboxing?

Of course, practising kickboxing is also quite risky to your health since you can get certain injuries even without contacting others. Falls, multiple bruises, cuts, and dislocations are only a few among those traumas you can get. It is also essential to overcome full medical examination before starting kickboxing training, as well as telling your instructor about your health condition in detail to avoid further worsening of the existing problems and acquiring new ones.


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When you plan a trip abroad and want to practise kickboxing there, invest in a good kickboxing travel insurance to be covered in case of any traumas. We offer a range of policies such as martial arts travel insurance and weight lifting travel insurance to help you doing what you enjoy abroad and staying safe. 


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