COVID-19: A Message From Globelink

18 Mar 2020 by Olga Brighton

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Article updated 10th June 2020.

COVID-19/Coronavirus continues to cause unprecedented disruption to our lives as this illness takes hold and most countries impose travel and border restrictions. We have spoken with unparalleled numbers of you about your trips and how your insurance cover will respond. We will continue doing our best to provide guidance in these extraordinary and fast-changing circumstances. Amid the upheaval, your pragmatic, upbeat approach has been heartening.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 cover on Globelink policies depends on the policy type you purchased with us and the date on which you purchased. We have put together a document on our website - ‘Coronavirus and Your Cover’ to answer some of your questions on cover and getting help if you are still stuck overseas.

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Due to the escalation of COVID-19 (coronavirus), our insurers, along with other UK travel insurers, have advised that new policies purchased, including renewals, will regrettably not cover any claims caused by, or resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19) or SARS-CoV-2.

If you currently have an Annual Multi Trip policy with us – we know that it is an exceptional time to consider your travel insurance. However, renewing your annual cover before it expires means that you lock in the best price; benefit from continued protection for pre-booked trips; and you will be prepared with insurance in place once travel restrictions are lifted. Renewing your Annual Multi Trip cover before it expires (so you have a continuous back-to-back cover), means that the Covi-19 exclusion only applies to your new trip bookings you make during your new, renewed policy period and any trips you booked after 16th March 2020 (when the exclusion was applied). If you already have an existing trip booking made before 16th March 2020 in your current insurance period and you renew your policy before it expires - then this new exclusion does not apply to that pre-booked trip (on condition that trip bookings were made in line with your policy terms and within your policy trip duration and geographical area at the time). Please check the Geographical Area before you purchase as some countries outside of Europe are now categorised as ‘Worldwide All Countries’.

You can now renew up to three months in advance of your renewal date, so bear this in mind if your renewal is still some time ahead. If you have any questions for us, please email

Continue to monitor and follow the advice of your local Government and that of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and World Health Organisation (WHO). As well as aiming to keep you safe, it also a condition of your policy that you do so.

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Best wishes, Globelink Travel Team.

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