Are You Appropriately Covered?

18 Jun 2015 by Olga Brighton

World Travel Insurance News

With the holiday season approaching, bringing awareness to British travellers who have the wrong insurance or even no insurance remains a priority for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Research shows that 30% of travellers aged between 16-24 were uninsured in 2013-14, and 41% of overall British travellers didn't think it was necessary to purchase travel insurance for their trip abroad. Whilst the lack of travel insurance is an issue amongst travellers, not having the right level of cover is also a cause for concern.

The FCO has launched an awareness campaign asking British travellers 'Are you appropriately covered?'. The campaign highlights the importance of taking out the right policy for all your travel plans, and potential costs that could be avoided if you have the right level of cover. The key messages include:

travel plans
  • Understand the importance of taking out travel insurance
  • Read the small print to ensure you have the right cover
  • Declare pre-existing medical conditions
  • Be aware that alcohol and drugs could invalidate your policy

A medical emergency abroad could cost thousands if you’re not insured. Make sure you're travelinsured to avoid costs if something goes wrong. FCO have prepared a variety of assets to help you:

  • Use a comprehensive checklist with the key points your policy should cover
  • Check out travel insurance guidance
  • Watch 'Adds Up' video highlighting the potential cost implications for not having travel insurance or the right policy for your trip

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