#BeOnTheBall for Euro 2016

05 May 2016 by Olga Brighton

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This month saw the 50 day count down to the European Championships in France this summer. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has been working closely with the Football Associations and Football Supporters Federation to help fans plan and prepare for their trip.

In the checklist below FCO has compiled top travel and safety tips to stay up to date with the campaigns, activities and blog posts at gov.uk/euro2016. All of this is intended to help British football fans planning their trip to France to the 2016 UEFA European Championship Finals.

Working with the consulate in France, they have produced this handy guide for travellers to download and keep. Fans can also sign up to receive the latest country travel advice alerts.

Euro 2016 travel checklist

The games are held in different venues spread throughout Rio de Janeiro, depending on sport. This infographic maps out the actions.

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