Globelink’s Most Popular Travel Insurance Questions

20 Aug 2019 by Olga Brighton

Travel Insurance Tips

We know that choosing the right travel insurance can be utterly confusing given the mind-boggling variety of insurance options available. That’s why we regularly ask our customers what’s most important to them - and then make sure we provide it. We listen to your feedback and analyse the questions you ask, so that buying Globelink travel insurance is as clear, quick and easy as possible.

What are the most popular travel insurance questions you ask? Here are the latest top ranking queries and their answers. This should save you some precious time when you next buy or browse for travel insurance.

Can I get insurance if I am a temporary resident in the EU?

Yes! We are one of the very few companies offering a high quality UK travel insurance product that is available wherever you live in the EU.

Globelink travel insurance and our new Car Hire Collision Damage Waiver insurance are available to people, who are legally residents in the EU or European Economic Area (EEA) and there are no minimum residency requirements. You can buy a policy provided you are registered with a medical practitioner or entitled to free public healthcare under reciprocal arrangements currently in place in the European Union or EEA.

Are cruises covered?

Yes! Cruise cover is included as standard on all Globelink travel insurance policies. You do not pay extra and you do not need to declare that you are going on a cruise. You can buy and decide later whether to fly or sail away into the sunset.

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I have already travelled. Can I buy travel insurance?

(…or my daughter/son has travelled without insurance….)

The good news is, unlike most other companies, Globelink offers Already Travelling insurance even if you have already left home and are part way through your trip. If you, or one of your kids has forgotten to take cover, or your previous insurance has expired, you can still buy on line in a couple of minutes with Globelink. As you would expect, some conditions apply which we will clearly tell you about before you buy. Such as, your policy must start on the day of purchase and you must not be away from your county of residence for over 18 months.

Is my adventure activity covered?

We love hearing about the weird and wonderful adventures you plan on your trips. From sailing to ballooning, kayaking, bungee jumping and Sydney Harbour Bridge Climbing. We cover nearly 100 adventure activities as standard and a whole load more for a modest additional premium depending on the activity risk. Be sure to check out our adventure activities categories before you travel for peace of mind that you have adequate cover in place. If you don’t see the activity listed, get in touch. We may still be able to provide cover. You will potentially be at greater risk of injury while participating in a holiday adventure activity so don’t leave it to chance.

What’s best - a long-stay Backpacker policy or Single Trip insurance?

We can’t advise you on what’s best for you, but we can describe the products so you can make the right, informed decision on what you need. The Globelink quote wizard lists the policy options and policy benefits concisely and clearly next to each other so you can easily compare. Choose the policy that gives you the right level of cover depending on key factors, such as the cost of your trip (if you need to cancel or cut it short); the value of your luggage (in case its lost or stolen); whether you want total peace of mind coverage; or just the budget-basics covered.

Whatever you decide with your travel insurance, keep you feedback and questions coming. It’s how we stay on our toes and continue to improve and adapt our website to meet your evolving needs. Happy travelling!

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