Parascending Travel Insurance

Parascending is an entertaining recreational adventure activity that is definitely worth trying. What else can compare with that incredible feeling of flying over water and enjoying breath-taking landscapes? Also known as parasailing and parakiting, parascending is an available and affordable fun that leaves you with great impressions and experience.


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While parascending, the person is towed behind a boat, rarely a land vehicle, with a canopy wing attached to the back. Depending on the vehicle power, up to three people can be parascending at the same time. The wing reminds a parachute which was originally true but, eventually the activity developed to have different and specially designed parascending wings to provide the best experience. 


Starting from the 80s, there have been parascending competitions that gained more and more attention and participants.


Land parascending is usually held in the big fields where the vehicle helps a parascender to lift up and then unfastens the rope. What is being watched and compared is the person’s ability to land accurately.


Why do you need travel insurance for parascending?

In order to experience truly unforgettable emotions, one should take proper training before participating in parascending competitions, and follow all the instructions if simply parascending on a vacation abroad. In case the latter is about you, it is essential to be covered by a parascending travel insurance which will be very helpful if anything goes wrong. We also offer paragliding and parachuting travel insurance policies to let you have all the fun you want.


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