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Paragliding makes our dream to fly come true. You don’t have to board huge airplanes or jump out of them with parachutes. All you need to do is sit in the harness, suspended below a fabric wing consisting of a large number of interconnected baffled cells. The complete set of equipment can be easily carried on the pilot’s back and even on public transport. That is why paragliding is the favourite air sport among travellers.


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You may be surprised to know that paraglider flights can last for hours and cover hundreds of kilometers. This gives you an opportunity to see huge areas of your travel destinations from the bird’s eye view. But the main reason to go paragliding is of course the magic experience of flying tens and hundreds of meters above the ground. Great heights however involve great risks. 


Why do you need travel insurance for paragliding?

The most common paragliding injuries are sprained, fractured or broken legs and ankles, which are unprotected and contact the ground hard if the landing maneuver goes wrong. Clumsy landing can also result in bruises, bumps and cuts. In some pretty bad accidents, paragliders often get spinal injuries which can lead to even worse consequences. Note that some of the worst accidents have occurred when the pilots were on holidays abroad. They have taken a chance to fly in a new exciting area and probably were not as cautious as they usually are at home. In such case beside the health problems, paragliders are risking their finances, as medical treatment abroad can cost a fortune.


Travel insurance with us means great value, so you get to keep more money to spend on your holiday.


Paragliding travel insurance is a must have, if you are going to enjoy this extreme activity in a foreign country. It is important to read the policy wording carefully and clarify all of the details before taking out travel insurance. Paragliding is covered with Globelink's Category 3 activities and will be covered under your travel insurance policy if you have paid the additional premium of £35. It should be performed with licensed operator in EU, EEA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Protective gear is also essential for everyone wishing to try paragliding abroad.


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