Catamaran Sailing Travel Insurance

Sailing catamaran is a very unique and unusual way of travelling by water and an amazing opportunity to enjoy the landscape. If you have tried sailing or yachting, you know how fun it can be to spend time onboard while gliding on the crystal clear water surface through the picturesque locations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to taste delicious meals, chat with your friends and family, drink martini and enjoy the view?


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As catamaran sailing is less tiring than other types of sailing, beginners may enjoy catamaran cruise more. Because catamarans have shallow drafts, it is possible for them to go and anchor in places where most boats can’t. The benefit travellers probably enjoy the most is the 360 degree view from the catamaran bridge deck that offers a chance to gaze at the beautiful landscape. Although catamaran sailing is safer than boat sailing and yachting, there are still certain risks specific for this type of adventure activity. Catamarans don’t sink and it is probably the greatest benefit of catamaran sailing. 


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They can, however, turn over which is the worst case scenario. But this can happen only in very bad weather conditions which are almost always forecasted today. Catamarans, however, unlike mono hulls, can’t self-right in case it gets capsized. In case you capsize or fracture a hull, you can use the positive buoyance and stay with your vessel for shelter until you are rescued.


Why do you need travel insurance for catamaran sailing?

Even with the slightest risks you can’t afford any mishaps on your vacation, as in foreign country you may have to pay more for your medical treatment than you would pay at home. In this case catamaran travel insurance is essential, as it can financially protect you, if you decide to go catamaran sailing on your trip. 


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