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Triathlon is a complex three stage competition that involves swimming, cycling and running. These three activities are done in immediate succession and require significant endurance. Triathlon distances may vary depending on the country where the competition takes place, but there are main international race distances. The Standard or Olympic races consist of a 1.5 km swim, 40 km cycle and 10 km run.


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The reasons to do a triathlon may be different. Some people are motivated by gaining self-confidence; others do it to improve their health. It can be an ultimate goal of exercising, a way to boost one’s self-esteem, a life dream, a challenge, an adventure, to know one’s abilities and limits, to become a model example for others. The possibilities are endless.


Whatever your motivation is, the benefits are undeniable for everyone. You will lose weight, feel and look much younger, have more energy and strength, and improve your health. Training for a triathlon means regular exercising which lowers blood pressure, prevents heart disease and diabetes, reduces cancer risks, and melts down stress and depression. You will live longer, and more healthily and happily.


Yet, along with its multiple benefits triathlon can have some serious risks. The biggest mistake people make is overestimating their abilities and level of training, and underestimating the difficulty of a triathlon.


Why do you need travel insurance for triathlon?

To avoid health damage consult your doctor both before and while training, and think about your levels of training. If you plan to do a triathlon abroad, make sure your travel insurance covers this type of activity. Travel insurance that covers triathlons will help you to deal with any possible consequences of this big event in your life. Globelink covers triathlons as well as other adventure activities like white water rafting, archery, snorkelling and many others so make sure you check it out before you travel. 


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