Mountain Biking Travel Insurance

Mountain Biking is a very useful adventure activity which benefits easily outnumber the risks. It is an off-road bicycle riding that exists in various forms and falls into many categories such as trail riding, dirt jumping, all mountain riding, cross country, free ride and other. This activity requires good prior training, great general endurance, body strength, good feel of balance and self-reliance. Beginners usually start with short and mostly flat distances, choosing good weather conditions and riding light. Advanced riders are able to overcome great rocky distances with steep slopes, in any weather having additional equipment and a backpack.


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Health benefits of practising mountain biking are impressive. On the whole, it decreases disease, namely three hours of biking per week lessens the risk of heart stroke and other heart disease by half keeping the heart really healthy. Mountain biking provides the same cardiovascular benefits as running but without impacting on the joints. Among psychological advantages are stress decreasing, becoming happier by releasing endorphins, escaping from reality and getting completely new impressions, boosting self-esteem and confidence.


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Why do you need travel insurance for mountain biking?

The risks of mountain biking can be easily avoidable provided you train properly and use all necessary safety tips and precautions. Good helmet protects your head greatly from possible head injuries, special clothes are designed to keep your body temperature just right at the same time letting it breathe. Estimating your abilities adequately is a half of your safety if not more.


In case you dream of mountain biking in a foreign country, it would be rationally to have a reliable mountain biking travel insurance as well as informing rescue service about your itinerary and approximate return time. Mountain Biking is covered with Globelink's Category 3 activities and will be covered under your travel insurance policy if you have paid the additional premium of £35.

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