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Dry slope skiing is a relatively new adventure activity that attracts more and more attention of those who wish to try something new. Dry ski slopes mimic the attributes of snow using material that enable skiing and snowboarding in places where natural, snow-covered slopes are unavailable. They can usually be found in the United Kingdom and Netherlands. Most of other European and North American countries tend to have the access to real snow in winter.


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Skiing on dry slopes is a great opportunity to learn to ski before heading out to a ski resort. You can try out this adventure activity in one of many indoor snow centres with dry slopes scattered around the world – in Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary, Netherlands, France, UK, Germany and many other countries. It is a great option for those who travel in summer period and don’t have an opportunity to travel in winter to try skiing.  It is a fun adventure activity for a traveller that will help you make a lot of awesome memories and gain experience in one of the most popular extreme sports.


Why do you need travel insurance for dry skiing?

But stay cautious while dry slope skiing, as injuries obtained through this activity tend to be more severe than those obtained while snow skiing. Metal base of the slope often becomes detached from the floor, causing skiers to hurt their fingers and limbs in the gaps. This one of the reasons behind numerous reports of bruises, cuts, dislocated fingers and thumbs.  Dry slopes should not be considered inherently dangerous, first rule to abide by is to make sure that your equipment is properly adjusted and fitted. And as with the snow skiing, always wear protective gear like long sleeves, wrist guards and padding.


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It is always fun to try out new adventure activity while travelling, but getting injured on a journey is always ten times worse. Dry skiing travel insurance can help you save money and trouble in case of any possible mishap on the slopes. Stay safe and enjoy your adventures without second thoughts and worries. Dry skiing is covered with Globelink's Category 3 activities and will be covered under your travel insurance policy if you have paid the additional premium of £35.


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