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Not many things in this world can physically and mentally test us like marathon running.  It is the ultimate challenge of endurance and will, which takes months of serious preparation. But the sense of accomplishment you get when crossing the finish line can hardly be compared with any other sports achievement of non-professional runners.


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In addition to that incredible feeling of achievement, by running a marathon you can become healthier and physically fitter. During the months of training you will meet many runners and maybe make new friends. You will also get the chance to enjoy the landscapes you will choose for your daily training. If the marathon training takes place in a picturesque location, especially abroad, then all the benefits from it are doubled. But as with any other sport, you can never forget about the dangers of such a physically demanding adventure activity as marathon running.


At the Globelink Travel Insurance policies provide cover for many adventure activities as standard.


Overuse and overtraining injuries are the most common among marathon runners, that’s why it is recommended to taper the training and rest properly before the event. Pulled, strained, sprained and torn muscles are also common. To reduce the risk of these injuries you’d be advised to cut on your mileage before the big day. It could also help prevent inflammation in tendons, heel spurs and shin splints.  Also, keep in mind that marathon is all about conquering the distance, not about finishing the first, so try to set healthy expectations.


Why do you need travel insurance for marathon running?

If you’re going to run a marathon abroad, marathon travel insurance is going to be essential for you. You wouldn’t want to worry about the possible health issues and medical bills when preparing for a marathon.  A proper travel insurance policy will help you train and run while enjoying your stay in a foreign country with complete peace of mind.


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