Cycling Travel Insurance

Cycling is not only one of the most popular recreational activities for travellers but also a means of getting around. While riding a bike around your hometown, you exercise, breathe in fresh air and enjoy familiar views. But when you’re cycling somewhere you’ve never been, you manage to see many new things – the main tourist attractions of the city and natural beauty of the countryside.


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With the raise of overall environmental awareness more and more people give up cars for bicycles and join thousands of cyclists around the world. When you are cycling on a journey you can discover more regions and cities than on foot and get to the places you wouldn’t be able to reach by car. You can cycle through the vineyards of Toscana, forests of Germany or even Alps.


Depending on what you crave for, you can choose a perfect route for you and your fellow cycling travellers. Stay closer to civilization to be able to visit museums on your way and stay at cyclist-friendly accommodation – from farmsteads to castle hotels. However, if you dream of a perfect getaway, bike away from loud crowded cities and enjoy the untouched landscapes. 


Why do you need travel insurance for cycling?

As much fun as cycling is, it can be tough and dangerous. Every single person that has ever tried to cycle, has at least once in a lifetime fallen off a bike. These little accidents sometimes lead to serious injuries. The biggest fear of all cyclists is, of course, car-bicycle accident which can lead to the most serious types of trauma.


Travel insurance with us means great value, so you get to keep more money to spend on your holiday.


What may be treated right away in your hometown hospital may become a much more serious problem abroad, if you don’t have decent cycling travel insurance. Beside your cycling experience, health examination, abidance by the traffic rules and good quality bike, an appropriate cycling travel insurance policy is one of essentials that can ensure your safety. 


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