50 Metres Scuba Diving Travel Insurance


Scuba diving is probably the best form of underwater diving due to the freedom it gives. Diver carries the source of air himself which gives him or her the ability to move and dive wherever they want and to easily reach interesting objects on the ocean or sea bottom.


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Thousands of people admire this type of activity and practise it regularly swimming with schools of colourful fish, approaching diverse plants and enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. However, as well as being impressive and breath-taking scuba diving can be quite hazardous to your health.


Humans were not created to stay and breath underwater that’s why scuba diving may affect the body. Underwater pressure may cause an altitude sickness often associated with travelling by plane and abnormal heart rhythms. Among other common risks are dehydration and hypothermia which lead to fatigue and disorientation. And don’t forget about numerous injuries one may get after contacting with solid surroundings and marine animals.


Why do you need travel insurance for scuba diving?

But even the hazard level of scuba diving doesn’t repel passionate divers. The diverse beauty of underwater world attracts and invites to explore more of its secrets. Your safety depends completely on the equipment you have, your diving skills, and previous training. As long as you take professional training, follow safe diving rules, dive within your skills level and use high-quality equipment, you won’t face serious danger. Moreover, filling the obligatory medical questionnaire and undergoing a full medical examination prior to diving even if you’re a certified diver maximises your chances to avoid trouble.


Investing in decent scuba diving travel insurance is also an essential part while taking all the necessary preparations. Avoiding risks and having a cover for unexpected events will keep you safe.


Appendix C - Scuba Diving Endorsement

This insurance is extended to cover the insured person whilst engaging in underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus (scuba) subject to the insured person being approved as medically fit to dive by the person or company who/which has organised the diving, and subject otherwise to all terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of this insurance.


What is not covered:

This insurance does not cover claims directly or indirectly arising from, happening through or as a result of:

1. Diving by persons not holding a recognised certificate for the type of diving being undertaken, or not under professional instruction.
2. Diving without proper equipment and/or contrary to codes of good practice according to bona fide organisations such as PADI or BSAC.
3. Diving to depths greater than 9 metres (or 40 metres if additional premium paid).
4. Solo diving or night diving or specifically organised cave diving or diving for hire or reward.
5. Flying within 24 hours of last dive or diving whilst suffering from a cold, influenza, infection or obstruction of the sinuses or ears.
6. Diving by persons aged under 12 years of age or over 65.


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