Potholing Travel Insurance

Potholing may not be the most popular adventure activity, but as any other extreme sport it can put your courage and abilities to a serious test. While bungee jumping challenges your fright of heights and scuba diving makes you face your fear of water, potholing dares you to overcome both claustrophobia and fear of the dark at once.


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Potholing is mainly undertaking for the enjoyment of a rather extraordinary outdoor activity and original exploration of some of the most rarely-visited places on Earth. Some potholers enjoy cave photography while for others physical and biological science is also important. Passing through the area which seems impassable is also a great temptation for potholers. But even in a small cave there is a great chance of getting injured, because there is usually a lot of tripping and falling.  


Why do you need travel insurance for potholing?

Rockfall is also a common cause of potholing injuries, because of large swings of temperature and other factors. Getting lost is also a possibility, as it is very easy to get disoriented in a cave, especially if you’ve never been in it. Potholing is a strenuous activity, and drinking water regularly is crucial. That’s why there may be a risk of dehydration in hot, dry caves and cold, wet caves. Staying warm is very important when potholing, as wetness and low temperature can lead to hypothermia.


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If you’re going to explore a cave on your journey, make sure you have all the information and proper equipment. Also, don’t go potholing without a professional guide, as it may be extra dangerous if you’re going abroad. Take out potholing travel insurance to make sure you will be covered in case anything goes not the way you planned. 


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