Skydiving Travel Insurance


Skydiving often comes to mind when we try to think of something daring or extreme. It is the ultimate courage test. Jumping off a plane – what can be more frightening? This activity has always been viewed as outrageous. People do it for various reasons – some enjoy it as a hobby, some wish to relieve stress through this achievement.  Some try skydiving when travelling, adding one more unforgettable memory to their holiday memory collection. Besides, a jump from such heights and the fall give travellers an outstanding or even once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their travel destination from the bird’s view.


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Facing your fears is one of the main reasons why people decide to skydive. When you finally jump out of a plane with parachute, you realize that you are stronger and braver than you are. Once you conquer skydiving, you know that you will be up to anything that you set your mind to. This jump will give you that special feeling you get after you’ve achieved something “big”. After such powerful adrenaline rush you will gain a new outlook and put more effort in everything you do. So why not make this special step somewhere special? Choose whichever breathtaking landscape you like and take that leap into the unknown.


Skydiving (Tandem jumps with an instructor – no solo diving) belongs to Category 4 activities and will be covered under the Globelink travel insurance policy if you have paid the additional premium of £70. It should be performed with licensed operator in EU, EEA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Why do you need travel insurance for skydiving?

You can’t, of course, forget about the risks of skydiving. The accidents don’t happen that often, but when they do, they’re almost always fatal. With very little time to react, skydivers should be ready to handle their equipment in all situations. Note that unexpected equipment failure rarely happens and the most injuries are caused by jumpers who make mistakes of procedure or judgment. 


Skydivers occasionally get injured when landing, but every active sport has similar risks. To make sure you’ll get the best help in case of any accident, and won’t be left with an astronomical bill abroad, take out skydiving travel insurance. It will give you the feeling of security and won’t let you worry about any other possible problems before jumping.


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