Cheap Accommodation & Budget Rentals in France

20 Nov 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to France

France is one of the most frequently visited countries in the world and for good reason. Known as a romantic capital, it is littered with beautiful, awe-inspiring landscapes. Here you’ll find rolling hills, majestic mountains and soul-engulfing beaches. It is also home to some of the most virulent pages of history, capturing heroes and tyrants alike in its historic walls.

For anyone planning to visit the land of love, warm accommodation is a must but you shouldn’t feel the need to shell out a ridiculous amount of cash either. Luckily there is cheap yet quaint, comfortable accommodation in France, such as the following:

Le Montclair Hostel

Hostels in France

This hostel is situated near the famous Montmartre but luckily it is set apart from the bustling side of town where all the tourists tend to flock. You’ll get some more privacy here and it all comes at a more affordable price. Le Montclair Hostel offers little in terms of decor – it is a youth hostel, not exactly a French Palace – but it does come with your choice of dorm or private rooms, private facilities, internet access, continental breakfast, kitchen and bathroom amenities.

There’s no curfew at Le Montclair Hostel so it is a perfect choice for the night owls who plan on touring the district at night. If you need anything at a moment’s notice you will be glad to know there’s a market street just minutes away on foot.

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Port Royal Hotel

Sitting in the outskirts of the Latin Quarter, this sturdy but neat hotel has been run by the same family for four generations and counting. It is quite famous for its attention to cleanliness and the friendly customer service. The Port Royal Hotel is also situated near the Jardin des Plantes as well as the Mouffetard Market, making it a tourist’s dream. Add in the fact that the most expensive rooms are still under a hundred Euros and you’ve got one really good deal.

The only drawback is that the luxury amenities aren’t available for everyone. The only rooms with air conditioning are on the ground floor. Unless you go for the more expensive rooms you might as well say goodbye to internet access, a TV, and other free amenities. The cheapest rooms sport only a washbasin and a bed but when you’re busy partying all over France, this is the perfect spot.

St. Christopher’s Inn

Inn France

Here’s one for people looking for the ideal, intimate French getaway. It is situated right along the Canal St. Martin but there is still the Metro, as well as bike rental services if you want to get out and get lost in the city of love. The inn itself has its own restaurant bar that has the occasional live band performance and lower level basement club built with soundproof walls, making it ideal for film viewings and private parties.

It is also a very privy inn, with personal bed lockers and a floor dedicated solely to female guests – that’s right, no men allowed on the women-only area. If you want to experience France without the bustling noise and have some intimate time alone, this is the place to stay.

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