Most Scenic Long Distance Walking Trails in Canada

21 Apr 2016 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Canada

If like me, you have gone to week long backpacking trips before, chances are, you’re already aware your adventure will never be complete without exploring the sights and satisfying your gastronomical cravings for local food. Moreover, for backpackers like us, long distance walking is a familiar activity. Perhaps you have experienced trekking in the UK or in Chile. But have you been on a hiking trip to Canada? In case you have long been planning an adventure trip to this side of the globe, you can choose among these long distance trails in Canada that are great for walking or hiking in this tourist destination.

Waskahegan Trail

Tourist Destination in Canada

If you will be in Alberta, you might want to experience this remote 192-mile trail which starts from the south of Edmonton and heads to Wetaskiwin, then to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, continues to Elk Island National Park and then to Fort Saskatchewan. This loop will take a few days to finish and will definitely take you to higher heights.

Voyageur Hiking Trail

Located in Ontario, this public hiking trail is between Thunder Bay and Sudbury. Still a work in progress, with four sections already completed, this trail is great for backpacking and hiking for day hikers and experienced ones as well. Here, you will walk mountain paths, see spectacular views and even camp out beside spectacular inland lakes. And get this, by the time this is finished, expect the trail to reach 1,100 kilometres.

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Great Divide Trail

Long Distance Hiking Trails in Canada

Also in Alberta, you will experience long distance walking while here since this trail will take you 1200 miles if you will be coming from north of the US border to Kakwa Provincial Park. This experience can be quite different since there are several wilderness routes and it passes through five National Parks. There is also the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route you can try, in case you are into mountain biking.

The East Coast Trail

This is a hiking experience you should not miss if you are travelling to Newfoundland. This 335-mile route runs along the eastern cliffs of the Avalon Peninsula and links 32 communities. Prepare to stay for more than your usual week-long backpacking trips since trail has 18 sections and a day is needed for each one. Here, you will be amazed with mesmerising sceneries, lighthouses, icebergs and fjords, among others.

Akshayuk Pass

Hiking in Canada

One of the grandest long distance walking trails in Canada is in Nunavut, in Ayuittuq National Park with a distance of 5 miles. Prepare to be faced-to-faced with the world’s tallest rock cliffs found at Mt. Thor, such a beautiful landscape with mountains and glaciers. Hiking will take at least six days.

Rideau Trail

Extending from Kingston to Ottawa, this is the longest trail in Eastern Ontario with foot paths, back roads and hiking trails. This beautiful, 240-mile walking route crosses both public and private lands. Hikers will also traverse several landscapes, from forests country trails, giving backpackers a taste of the cultural and natural treasures of the area.

Vancouver Island Spine Trail

Trekking in Canada

This hikers’ haven will span up to 700 kilometres from Victoria to Cape Scott and is a wilderness trail that will be open for adventurers five months each year. The views from the Spine are spectacular with mountain paths overlooking a body of water. Hikers will spend a month of long distance walking but for beginners, portions of the area can be explored as well. It will also be suitable for horseback riding, running and mountain biking.

La Cloche Silhoutte Trail

With a span of 78 kilometres, this backpacking loop has five sections, making it easier for backpackers to explore the sections they fancy. The Baie Fine is just 14 kilometres and you can enjoy the gentle rolling hills and be amazed with the pink granite. If you want to take a dip in a lake, you can also try the 19-kilometre trail known as the Threenarrows which runs along the banks of Kirk Creek and ascends to the La Cloche Mountains.

Long distance walking trails can be found all over the world, including Canada. These are just some of the most scenic hiking trails in Canada and there are other mountain paths to explore in your future week-long backpacking trips.

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