Safety and Security in Egypt

08 Oct 2015 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Egypt

Following the removal of former Egypt President Morsi from his office in 2013, there have been various violent clashes between the opposing groups. Safety ratings have changed significantly, so if you plan to visit Egypt in the near future, be aware of the safety and security in Egypt.

Violent Crimes

Crimes in Egypt

There has been an increase in crimes across Egypt since 2011. Both in big cities and in rural areas people are suffering from increased armed robberies, sexual assaults and rapes, muggings, car-jacking and accommodation break-ins.

In 2013, the FCO dealt with 20 cases of sexual assault. Many of them occurred in places that are generally considered to be safe e.g. hotels. Other happened in microbuses and taxis. Women should take extra care when travelling to Egypt and try not to travel alone.

Remember to report a crime straight afterwards because it would be impossible to seek prosecution when you leave the country.

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Road Travel

Poor road conditions lead to numerous accidents in Egypt. Bold driving and non-enforcement of traffic laws makes the situation even worse. In 2011 alone, road accidents killed eight times more people than in the UK. If you travel independently, drive carefully, especially outside main cities. Make sure to have good travel insurance before arriving in Egypt.

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel Egypt

Hot air ballooning over Luxor may sound like a dream coming true to you, but such activity got 19 people killed in February 2013. Plan your trip in detail prior to departure and include all adventure activities to your travel insurance cover. Undoubtedly, Egypt has much to offer but taking care of your safety is highly recommended.


Generally, Egyptians are friendly and helpful people. If you happen to be in need of assistance they will usually gladly try to help you. For instance, if you travel from Cairo to Alexandria you will be stopped at a checkpoint before you leave Cairo and after asking where you are heading the officers will inform their colleagues at the Alexandria checkpoint about your arrival to make sure everything is fine.

Local authorities have put significant efforts into developing tourism sphere lately. News in Western media is often exaggerated making people afraid to visit Egypt. But if you do your research and plan the trip down to the smallest details thinking about the probable pitfalls the trip is very likely to be safe. Ask your friends or colleagues who’ve been to Egypt about their experience or browse topical forums to find out how things actually are, always visit the FCO website for up to date travel advise.

Despite its slightly negative reputation over the last couple of years, Egypt tries to do everything to attract tourists and to make their stay comfortable and worry-free. Evaluate possible dangers, be careful and always get an appropriate travel insurance policy!

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