Specialties and Traditions in Egypt

18 Sep 2014 by Olga Brighton

Travelling to Egypt

Do you have the urge to visit Egypt? This country is a favourite destination for many tourists because of its rich history. Before you jet off to see the Pyramids, it’s well worthwhile familiarising yourself with the customs, specialties, and traditions of Egypt.

Egypt Religion

The Egyptians are one of the most accommodating people you’ll ever meet. The people of Egypt will go out of their way to help tourists. They are very proud of their heritage and won’t hesitate to answer your questions about their history and culture.

Egyptian women are known to be more conservative when it comes to strangers. They may be uncomfortable to be approached when unaccompanied, so make sure to be courteous and respectful.

Egyptians are very religious and they expect their visitors to be respectful to their places of worships. In Egypt, the most sacred day of the week is Friday and they will remove their shoes before entering places of worship.

Food and Clothing

Egyptian Diet

You’ll find the Egyptian men clothed in the galabiyya, the national attire which is a robe with long sleeves and trimmings around the neckline. On the other hand, the older women wear the milaya, a long garment with long sleeves which is usually black in colour, but the younger Egyptian women often prefer to wear western-style clothes.

Since Egypt is a Muslim country, people expect their visitors to dress and behave well. It is considered lewd to wear clothes that show the shoulders, knees, and cleavage. You should pack light and loose clothing made of natural fibres like cotton, and women should also have a scarf ready to cover their head to visit mosques.

The diet of the typical Egyptian is often comprised of bread, beans, rice, vegetables and fruits, but the wealthy also eat a lot of poultry and red meat. For breakfast, their staple food includes ful mudammas, or fave bean dip coupled with pitta bread.


Tipping in Egypt

There’s one word that you’ll become familiar with when you travel to Egypt - ‘backsheesh.’ This means to tip. In Egypt, tipping is customary. Whether you are in a restaurant, hotel, museum, or public toilet, you are to give away at least a little something to the people who have afforded you with kind service.

Egypt is a great place to visit; there’s lots to see and do and the locals will make you feel right at home. When you make travel arrangements, make sure not to forget Single Trip travel insurance to Egypt. With travel insurance, you can enjoy your Egyptian holiday and have the time of your life without worrying about things going wrong.

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