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Travellers have loved Egypt even as far back as when Earth “was flat” but even then pyramids were considered ancient. Curious Greeks and Romans later got replaced by the French and English people. During the colonial era Egypt and Great Britain relations were rather tense, although it was British who started arranging the vacations to Egypt. Egypt is a very diverse country. There are huge, noisy cities, where car horns sound from morning till night and then there are small towns with no one but a lonely donkey cart in the street. The faces of Egyptian cities change depending on what you are looking for. Most tourists walk well-worn tracks, while some prefer to break away from the norm and get lost in the nooks and picturesque yards of these ancient cities.


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Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is a home to many mosques and exotic bazaars, the pyramids and ancient art museums.  Alexandria is the city of an magnificent library and antique ruins. While I El Alamein you can lay flowers at the Wolrd War II monuments, in Luxor you’ll get the chance to see the Karnak Temple and tombs of the pharaohs or fly a hot air balloon. In Aswan, famous for its temple of Isis, you can take a look at the Nile dams and visit the Nubian villages and felukas. Many enjoy the Nile cruises with stops at Edfu and Kom Ombo, Abydos and Dendera, as well as Lake Nasser and Abu Simbel temples – curious travellers won’t want to miss any of these unique places. Don’t forget about the oases, picturesque landscapes in the Lyrbian Desert, with getting to these will be a whole new adventure.


Entertainment in Egypt will be another exciting part of your trip, especially if you are into adventure activities. Millions of divers from around the world dive in the Red Sea down to beautiful coral reefs in Hurgada and Sharm el-Sheikh. The Egyptian resorts offer you sandy beaches, great opportunities for wind surfing and the open doors of bars and nightclubs.


Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius


One of the most common dangers for tourists in Egypt is petty fraud. Locals would try to lure into the shops where they can get commission for every new customer. The best way to deal with this is to refuse any further conversations with a smile and keep calm, be cautious yet friendly. Don’t ever accept any gifts – you will have to pay for them later. Some carriage owners like to tell the price with a gesture just to explain after the ride they meant 10 dollars instead of 10 Egyptian pounds. Make sure you know the exact price before getting into the carriage and ask if the price is one passengers or all of them.


Egyptians are very conservative people and tourists have to stick to local customs and traditions. Travellers are strongly advised against all shows of affection. Locals can become very hostile towards people kissing in public. When taking photos of local people, it would be better to ask their permission first. Dress code for both men and women is very strict. Outside the hotel premises tourists should not wear clothes that show legs, shoulders, chest and back. Especially if they are going to visit any of the sacred places.

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For thousands of years Arab Republic of Egypt was a very interesting country. Some say if you've never seen pyramids, you've never been to Egypt! What is interesting about this country? Ancient Egyptians were probably the most developed nation of that time with medicine, science and culture contributions. They were one of the first major civilizations to codify design features in art and architecture. Tourism is one of the most important parts in Egypt's economy. Over 14 million travellers visited Egypt in 2013, providing revenues of about $13 billion. Egypt has a good deal of beaches situated on the Mediterreanean and the Red Sea that extend to over 3, 000 km. The Red Sea has clear blue waters, colored coral reefs, rare fish and beautiful mountains. The Akba Gulf beaches also provide facilities for going for sea sports. Safaga tops the Red Sea zone with its beautiful location on the Suez Gulf. Last but not least, Sharm el-Sheikh (or City of Peace), Hurghada, Luxor (known as world's greatest open air museum/ or City of the 1/3 of world monuments), Dahab, Ras Sidr, Marsa Alam, Safaga and the northern coast of the Mediterranean are major tourist’s places of interest of the recreational tourism. With a lot of touristic activities in Egypt it's considered a fun place for historical, religious, medical and entertainment tourism.


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