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The land of the rising sun, Japan is an elegant combination of tradition and modernity. Ancient pagodas and torii gates neighbour mirrored skyscrapers, pompous five-star hotels stand beside cosy reukans, and well-promoted spa salons border national ofuro baths. This fantastic mixture of the Eastern heritage and Western achievements is the main attraction for travellers coming to Japan.  But besides the magic atmosphere of Japanese culture, there are plenty of other things to enjoy: many are mesmerized with the unique architecture – the famous “Golden Pavilion” in Kyoto, Tokyo Imperial Palace and many other temples. Children will find a large variety of amusement parks in Japan: Disneyland, DisneySea, Universal Studio and others. In general, Japan is a destination mainly for a diverse and well-off contingent:  mostly the tourists who have already been to many other countries and businessmen. 


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The only two negative sides of Japan, especially for budget travellers, are that the prices here are rather high and that there is no low season. But the number and variety of museums and other tourists attractions will sweep even the most season travellers of their feet.  Many rather unusual museums cam ne found in Tokyo – you are always welcome to visit museums of parasites, fire, glasses, sumo and other things. Many of local museums don’t have any entrance fee. Don’t forget to see for yourself the exhibits in the museum of paper and the museum of swords. In the museum of paper you will see not only the ancient books and treatises, but also the traditional Japanese paper baffle-boards, doors and kimonos. Those who enjoy taking photos will enjoy visiting Tokyo special galleries where everyone can look at the masterpieces by professional and amateur photographers, as well as showcase their own photos. Harajuku district is a unique place in Tokyo where on Sundays you can meet young Japanese people wearing extravagant and bright clothing or anime costumes. In Harajuku park tourists can listen to music bands, watch martial arts trainings and other perfomances.


Tourists in Japan have to respect its traditions, cultural and religious customs, abide by local laws and standards. Crime rate in Japan is very low, thievery incidents occur very rarely. You can walk around Japanese cities both in daytime and nighttime without any concerns for your safety. This level of safety is based on the law-abidance of Japanese citizens, provided by the hardness and inevitability of the punishment. Even by stealing a cake anyone in Japan can be sentenced to a long term imprisonment. Despite the low crime rate, it is highly recommended to leave all valuables, documents and money at the hotel, preferably in a locked safe. Due to the increasing number of lost passports, all tourist are advised to make several copies of their documents. This will let you solve all the problems faster and avoid misunderstanding with local police. If a police officer stops you, tell your name, your citizenship status and show your international passport.


Why do I need travel insurance?

Don’t forget that Japan is situated in the zone of increased seismic danger. Japanese government prepares its citizens for earthquakes and other natural disasters. There is a possibility of a preliminary warning about the upcoming earthquake. Although, as a rule, earhquakes happen at unexpected time and in unexpected places. With this in mind, always take out a travel insurance policy that will cover all the possible mishaps. This way you will be able to truly enjoy your stay in this magnificent country. 


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Japan in standing in line with one of the most developed and scientifically sophisticated countries on Earth. This country is for sure not in the top 10 list of countries to travel to. The first thing to attract travellers from all over the world to Japan is that period of time when sakura trees are in breathtaking bloom. It's the time of the year when spring comes bringing new life and new hopes. Watching these beautiful trees use to inspire local and foreign poets century after century. If you need a single trip travel insurance to Japan for age years old people, Globelink International is the right place!

People who don't travel cannot have a global view, all they see is what's in front of them. Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live. Martin Yan



What is Japan also famous for? If you are a Formula One fan, the first days of October is when you should be at Suzuka racing track Observing the fastest cars and drivers racing each other! If you are a foodie, Japanese cuisine will fully satisfy your tastes and wishes. Japanese food is very delicious and good for your health. The well-known tea ceremony is also worth seeing and participating. Single trip travel insurance to Japan for age years old people is made up by Globelink for residents of United kingdom and European union together with Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas wanting to repatriate. At Globelink International you won't find any hidden costs - our prices are quite affordable for the majority of travellers. Get a reliable and cheap travel insurance from Globelink and you won't regret!


Single trip travel insurance to Japan key benefits

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  • Post Departure Cover;
  • Large number of pre-existing medical conditions that are covered for free;
  • Cover for Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas;
  • We help you to customise your travel insurance policy, so it suits all your needs;
  • Purchasing Travel Insurance takes less than 1 minute.




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