Single Trip Travel Insurance to the Netherlands for UK and EU Residents

Beside endless flower fields like the ones in Keukenhof park, Netherlands is famous for the cities situated so close to each other, that they seem almost pressed together. Amsterdam with its bridges and art museums is almost floating on the water; Rotterdam boasts an enormous port and many futuristic buildings, while a little bit more tranquil Hague is flooded with art galleries, and old fairytale like towns like Utrecht, Harlem and Delft attract romantics from all over the world just like cheese towns like Edam, Gouda and Alkmaar lure traveller with their cheese tastings and fairs. If you have enough time on your stay in the Netherlands, you can stop by in Belgium. The division of these two countries and Luxemburg into three separate states is just a major conventionality. Those travelling to the Netherlands will be incredibly surprised that marijuana smoking is legal only in several cafes, and the famous Red-light District is so crowded because of tourists staring though the windows that it has turned into one big museum.


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Nowadays the Netherlands is very popular among the young people taking interest in dancing, acting and other arts. Special attention is turned to the painting, and every city has museums and galleries devoted to the prominent Dutch painters: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Brueghel, Bosch, Van Gough and others. The Netherlands also boasts a variety of science museums like NEMO center in Amsterdam, amusement parks and amazing zoos like Burgers.  Vacations in the Netherlands with kids inevitably lead to parents turning back into children themselves.


To really feel the Netherlands, you’ll need to forget the stereotypes. Forget the marijuana fields and imagine violet, pink, orange, yellow, white and blue carpets of tulips with windmills on the horizon.  Forget the red lights, and go to see old canals and gingerbread houses. Remember that the real beauty of this country is in the feeling of freedom. You’ll see it if you ride the bike down the road, watching the cities pass you by one after another.


Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius


Bicycle thefts are rather common in the Netherlands. It is recommended to leave bicycles at the paid parking lots, or strap them twice, if it’s impossible. Purchase of a stolen bike is also strictly prohibited by law, that’s why tourists are strictly advised against buying bicycles from strangers, even if the price is very pleasant. Stolen bicycles are usually sold for 10-15 €. Police officers sometimes pretend to be selling bikes, and if you buy from them, you’ll find yourself in a very big trouble.


The use of soft drugs is allowed in the Netherlands, but only in the special places. An attempt to export drugs is punishable with imprisonment for up to 12 years. It is also prohibited to sell marijuana to foreign citizens in most of the cities including Amsterdam. People say that Netherlanders are born on two wheels, but they may be of danger to some tourists. If you are a pedestrian, stay cautious, as bike riders often have the benefit over pedestrians.  If you ride a bike, be careful, as many cyclists ride fast and in a rather aggressive manner. Use the bicycle only if you are sure of your cycling abilities. The Netherlands may be one of the safest countries in Europe, but even there you can get into trouble. This is why you need a reliable travel insurance cover when travelling to this amazing and very peculiar land. 


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Single trip trip cover to the Kingdom of the Netherlands is perfect if you only take one holiday, or if you will be away longer than 4 months. At Globelink International Travel Insurance Consultants Ltd you can easily find a reliable trip cover policy to trip securely not being worried about anything. Regular Stay policy is made for UK and EU residents travelling independently or on a package/self-catering type holiday with a maximum duration of up to 60 days and provides decent trip cover. Getting a quote online is a matter of a few minutes but in case you have any problems, feel free to call or e-mail us.

What is interesting about the Netherlands? This location has a moderate maritime climate not warm enough for sun-bathing or swimming in the sea. Though as most of European countries, the Netherlands have old-fashioned small towns and villages to visit. Their streets will embathe you in the colourful fountain of emotions and feelings worth every day in this wonderful area. If you are a photographer, here you can find charming scenery and sights to chase and capture. The cuisine is dictated in general by fishing and farming offering to each hungry traveller a great number of local meals, for example Brussels sprouts, boiled potatoes and sausage, including its gravy. Nederland is a location to trip to, to adore and to be willing to stay in. Get a reliable and cheap travel insurance from Globelink and you won't regret!


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