Single Trip Travel Insurance to Canada

Canada... What do you think when you hear about this country? What thoughts does it conjure? For many people, its cold weather, lakes, wild and unseen natural beauty. However, like any other country, Canada surprises us. Canada enchants with its diversity and charm. It has everything suitable for both backpackerand urban-landscape lovers alike.


For true nature fanatics, there are countless great national parks, mountains, stunning lakes,glaciers, forests and tundras, which make this country an impressive second in the worlds’ most diverse landscapes. Fans of city life won’t be disappointed with dynamic and cosmopolitan Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and Vancuver. You will find there multinational residents, new technologies, excellent museums, true nightlife... and all of these will not leave you indifferent!


Tips While Travelling to Canada

However, no matter how charming and interesting Canada is, there are some peculiarities we would like to inform you about:


  • ETA Visa
    Electronic Travel Authorization, a new feature of the Canadian requirements for entry into thecountry for non-residents of the country. The process of obtaining ETA Visa is quite simple and does not take much time. In order to apply, you must have a valid passport, a valid credit or debit card and an email address. It costs $7 CAD. It is valid for up to five years.

  • Get ready for weather changes
    Do not forget that Canada has a cold climate, it's moderated by the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, sometimes the temperature can drop to -30°C and below in the winter. Do not forget to take warm clothes with you and preferably a raincoat.

  • Don’t forget your travel insurance
    Travel insurance to Canada is the most essential thing. Each unexpected situation may cost you a large amount of money, as Canada has very high prices, especially if we talk about health insurance. It is much better to protect yourself once. And make sure you are covered for all the adventures activities planned!

  • Getting around
    Since Canada is territorially very large and extensive, keep in mind that the locations around can be scattered and located far enough from each other. Plan your itinerary in advance andplan which transport you will use in advance.


If you plan a single trip travel to Сanada, you may need a reliable insurance cover. At Globelink you can find it at a low price.



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  • Single trip policies for people ages up to 89;
  • 100+ hazardous activities are covered as standard;
  • Emergency Assistance line is available 24/7;
  • Post Departure Cover;
  • Simple Quote Process;
  • Large number of pre-existing medical conditions are covered for free;
  • We help you to customise your travel insurance policy, so it suits all your needs.




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